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LG have come up with a camera which they say will be the best smartphone camera on the market. The LG V30 will have a Glass Crystal Clear Lens and the widest aperture size, thereby ensuring the brightest, most vivid images in the industry. According to an August 10th 2017 press release from the company, the upcoming LG flagship, the V30, will sport an F1.6 aperture camera and will have a glass lens in both the front and back cameras. The industry-topping innovation will bring a whole new standard to photography within the smartphone industry.

For quite a long time, the quality of their cameras has been one of the features that LG mobile devices have been praised for. The dual camera module in the soon-to-be-launched V30 will have the largest camera aperture and the most-clear glass lens in the world. This will be a benchmark-setting innovation.

LG V30

Larger Aperture and Glass Lens for More Light

This is the first F1.6 lens produced by LG and will have the biggest camera aperture ever to be seen on a mobile phone. This feature will allow 25% more light to get to the sensor, when compared to an F1.8 camera, which is the best at the moment. The glass Crystal Clear lens also allows for better collection of light, when compared to a plastic lens. The glass lens also allows for superior color reproduction. This means that the LG V30 will be best suited for taking videos and photographs compared to other phones, even industry-leading Samsung and iPhone.

Jun Cho, the president of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company said that LG has a wonder reputation in the smartphone photography category, and the decision to adopt a glass lens in the V30 camera is due to the fact that it has been the realm of DSLR’s. He continued to stress that this kind of innovation was significant for users whom the V series is specifically designed for.

LG V30 Glass Lens

What is the Difference in the Image Capture?

In almost all features and specifications, the LG V30 is more superior to the camera found on its predecessor, or any other Smartphone in the market. When you look at edge distortion when taking photos in wide angle shots, spacious interiors and large landscapes, the camera in the V30 cuts this down by more than 33 percent when compared to the V20. This makes it ideal for taking group Wefies, since the people on the edges will not look distorted.

Other Extras

The innovations of this new camera do not make it bulkier. In fact, the rear camera module in the LG V30 will remain graceful and will have a 30 percent smaller size compared to its predecessor, the V20. When you add other camera features such as the specialized UX with laser detection AF, electronic image stabilization and optical image stabilization, photography buffs will love this phone, and probably trade in their V20 models for this superb upgrade.

When looking at these innovations brought about by LG, customers all over the world will be waiting to see what other mobile manufacturers will do about the apertures and lenses of their flagship cameras.