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When asked what the most impressive features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 were, smartphone reviewers prominently mentioned three features – The Infinity Display, fabulous Rear Camera and the Snapdragon 835 processor.

But what did the users across the globe feel about it? After looking through user comments and reviews across several websites, including Amazon, Samsung and Best Buy, some features emerged as the best in this new Samsung flagship, voted the “Best Smartphone for 2017”.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Comments

What Fascinated Users Most about the Samsung Galaxy S8

Speed and Design – Thanks to the Snapdragon 835, 8-core processor, most users felt that it was the fastest phone on the market, making it a whizz to use. This allowed the phone to play High-Definition videos with no lag, and handle resource-hogging applications with ease. The design was another feature that users loved. One of the users said that the phone was “snappy”. One user, who previously owned the Google Pixel XL, said the S8 had a larger screen, but a more compact design.

Excellent Cameras – Both front and rear cameras got rave reviews from users across a number of websites. The resolution and detailing of photos and videos was outstanding, even in low-light environments.

Infinity Display – The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 was described by one user as “the industry-leading screen”. The view was impeccably clear; a feature that smartphone users, across all brands and models desire and admire the most.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Other features that users praised:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 for the simultaneous connection of two other devices.
  • Gigabit LTE
  • IP68 water resistance capacity
  • Wireless charging
  • Expandable MicroSD storage capacity
  • Android 7 Nougat OS
  • Faster Samsung Pay mobile wallet for faster checkouts
  • Data-free FM Radio
  • USB Type-C ports
  • Full HDR support
  • Full-day battery life for a reduced charging frequency

What Users Didn’t Like about the Samsung Galaxy S8

Rear fingerprint scanner and Bixby Button – Users felt that the rear placement was awkward and frustrating.  One user said that trying to use the scanner was like trying to find a lost ring. “The only way that people will get used to this design change is through ‘muscle memory’”, said another user. The Bixby button was also in the way of the volume control, and would inadvertently get pressed all the time. Users also felt that the Bixby button had limited functionality.

Fragile exterior design – Users felt that the phone should have advanced in ruggedness just as it had advanced in technology. The back cover got scratched very easily, including the fingerprint scanner. The screen was also susceptible to scratching and a screen protector was the norm and not the exception. The curved edges of the Galaxy S8 also drew some criticism since it made the device difficult to handle and slippery, and one could not easily get suitable screen protectors and cases. The fragility of the device was also featured amongst users who accidentally dropped their phones, and had to replace parts at a high cost; once again, cases were advised to protect against such incidents.

Galaxy S8 User Reviews

Slower performance – Although most people feel that the speed is awesome, there are others who felt that the Samsung Galaxy S8 was slower than most Snapdragon 835 phones. Many said that the free RAM, suddenly became “wasted” RAM, claiming that it was not being used optimally. This is an issue that is drawing a lot of differing views amongst users, with some claiming that those “trolling” about the performance knew nothing about how to optimize “freed” RAM using the RAM Cleaner in Smart Manager.

Other features that users frowned upon:

  • Scratched glass caused loss of touch functionality, forcing them to hit harder for a response.
  • Narrow aspect ratio, forcing wallpapers to seem squashed


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is looking to be the best Samsung phone to date. The fingerprint sensor positioning has users in a furor; they, however, agree that there are other ways of securing the device. Updates to the OS take a while to get to Samsung users, but the S8 comes with the latest Android Nougat version. The Bluetooth 5.0 feature drew universal admiration. Criticism has not deterred Samsung users to buy the device, showing that it still means a lot to them.