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Recently, WhatsApp confirmed that it now attends to the needs of more than 1.3 billion people on a monthly basis, figures that no other messaging app in history has ever managed.

Despite the huge popularity of the app and the fact that the owners or rather developers of the app are based in the U.S., the market doesn’t lead the way when it comes to popularity. Instead, WhatsApp is popular in other regions that include South America, Africa and Asia or more specifically, India, which as a user base of more than 200 million active subscribers that enjoy the app on a monthly basis.

In these regions that WhatsApp commands these huge fan bases, the kind of smartphones that are sold there come with support for two SIM cards. Popularly known as dual-SIM phones, these handsets allow users to insert and set up two networks in one phone, something you won’t easily find in developed markets like the U.S.

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Given that setting up WhatsApp needs your phone number, many of those who enjoy the services of this good app in these markets that are dominated by dual-SIM phones often find themselves having to rely on only one phone number for their WhatsApp communications. But if you need to have both phone numbers active on the chat app via the same phone, you are in the right place.

Setting up two WhatsApp accounts on the same dual-SIM phone is quite easy. In fact, you’ll need less than a few minutes and all will be good to go. Assuming you’ve not yet set up the app on your phone, you’ll for sure need to get it installed the usual way by heading to the Google Play Store to download and install it. Once it’s on your phone, follow the on-screen steps to get the app working. These include providing your phone number where an SMS will be sent to the number in question carrying a verification code.

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This verification code is needed to certify that the number you provided is indeed active. Also, it also assures the WhatsApp team that the number is indeed in your possession at the time of signing up for the services of the app. Assuming you used the number on SIM 1 to setup the initial account, setting up the second account will now need the attention of SIM 2, but this time around, there’s no going to the Google Play Store to download the same app again. Instead, you’ll get a modified version of the app, which, in fact, has much more superior features than the standard version of the app.

The name of this modified version is GBWhatsApp. Simply download the app to your phone like you’d do with any other app that is not available in the Play Store. You’ll get the APK version, which weighs about 48MB, with the latest version carrying build number 5.80, which is based on WhatsApp version 2.17.223.

When done, head to your phone’s security settings and check the “Unknown sources” option so as to allow the installation of this non-Play Store app. Go back to the downloaded file and tap on it to begin the installation. It should take less than a few seconds to complete the installation and setting it up is nothing different from what you do on the standard version of the app.

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However, when asked for a phone number, provide the one on SIM 2 since the one on SIM 1 has already been used on the standard version of WhatsApp. A verification SMS will be sent to this SIM 2 phone number, which should be entered in the set up to complete the process. The app will then populate a list of contacts based on what you have on your phone and that’s it! You can now start enjoying the same services of WhatsApp on both SIM cards using the same phone.

You also have the option of checking out the GBWhatsApp Settings option where you can play around with lots of the app’s settings, including changing the main icon color so that you can easily differentiate between the two versions of WhatsApp installed on your phone. Note that unlike the standard version that will automatically get updates from the Google Play Store, you’ll have to occasionally check the official GBWhatsApp website for any updates. If any, just download the latest APK version and install it. You won’t be required to set it up all over again, instead, the updates will be applied on top of the current installation while keeping your original or rather current settings.

Download GBWhatsApp here