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You probably see yourself as a top class WhatsApp whiz, but it’s not easy to know everything about this ever-changing app.

Facebook rolls out new beta versions of this app several times in a week and with each version there comes a new addition or tweak to a previous feature – and keeping up to date with all these can be really tough. But there’s nothing to worry because we’ve got your back.

In this article, we have narrowed down 10 useful WhatsApp tricks we believe you probably never use. While you might be using some of them, you’ll probably come across some that you didn’t even know of their existence.

WhatsApp tricks diable blue ticks

Go hands-free

If you are busy doing something else, you can still send someone a message without even lifting your WhatsApp phone. If you have the Google Assistant on your Android phone or Siri for those using iPhones, simply say “Okay Google” or “Hey Siri” and follow it by mentioning the name of the person you want to send a message to. Go ahead and dictate the message you want to send and either Assistant will handle the rest. Cool huh!

Limit data usage

WhatsApp can be addictive. There people who rarely take a break off the app and this can be costly when it comes to data usage. The good side of the story is that you can handle this by limiting how the app uses data on your phone. Simply head to Settings>Data Usage and choose what best suits you, including the type of media that is auto-downloaded depending on the type of connection you are using.

WhatsApp tricks data limit

Format messages

You probably use this feature already, where you can format messages in a number of ways, including changing text to italics, bold or strike through the same. Well, rather than go through the hassle of remembering those codes of using asterisks and tildes and such stuff, there’s a better, simpler way of doing things.

When you’ve written the text you want to format, long tap on it to highlight it. Follow this by tapping on the More Options key and on the pop-up menu, pick the option you want, which now includes monospace in addition to the three other formatting options you already knew about, probably.

Email the whole conversations

This is something you’ll probably do rarely, but it’s a nifty trick of having all of your WhatsApp conversations stored in an email, especially for those who don’t keep backups. Simply hit More when inside a specific chat and select Email chat, where the entire conversation, including all media files and emojis will be emailed to your chosen email address.

Disable blue ticks

WhatsApp introduced blue ticks a while back and these had mixed reactions, with some people loving them while others not happy about them at all. To balance the equation, the chat app made it possible for users to choose whether to have them enabled or simply disable them. The former comes by default, but to disable them, go to Settings>Account>Privacy>Read Receipts.

Note that by disabling them, it also means that you won’t be able to see if other people have read your messages.

whatsapp last seen

Hide last seen

It’s possible to know when your friend last appeared on WhatsApp thanks to the last seen feature. However, it’s also possible to hide your last seen time so that your friends won’t be able to know when you check in and out of the app. Go to Settings>Account>Privacy>Last Seen, but similar to the blue ticks case, you won’t be able to see the last seen status of your friends if you hide yours from them.

Mark chats as unread

Sometimes you may read messages but not reply to them immediately. When this happens yet the message in question needed to be replied to, you might easily forget to respond to it at a later time because it won’t show up among new messages that you’ll be checking out then. The best way to take care of this shortcoming is marking messages as unread, even after you’ve read them. This will remind you to check them out later as they’ll appear among other new, unread messages.

Just long-press the message in question and from the menu options tap “Mark as unread.” iOS users need to swipe from left to right.

Customize notifications

It’s possible to set up custom notifications on WhatsApp, especially if you are expecting to receive a special or rather important message from someone. Simply open the chat, tap the name of the person you are expecting a message from and hit the Custom Notifications option.

Whatsapp reply contacts in groups

Send one message to many contacts at once

It’s possible to send one WhatsApp conversation to numerous contacts on your app, something like what you do with the BCC feature in emails. Simply tap on the menu and select New broadcast and from there, you can select all the contacts you want to send this message to – and none of them will know that the message was also sent to their counterparts.

Reply to specific contacts in groups

When in a group conversation, you can address a specific individual in that group by directing a message at them. All you need is to use @ symbol and a list of contacts in the group will show up. Pick the one you want to address and follow up with the message you want to tell them.

You can also respond to specific messages in groups by long pressing on the message and tap on reply option at the top of your screen.