In September (possibly), Microsoft will release an update to Windows 10 dubbed Fall Creators Update.

But before this massive upgrade appears, the tech giant has just announced the ninth build of the upcoming update that brings a number of nifty additions to the OS that was first released in 2015.

The new Windows 10 Preview has just been announced for all supported PCs and with it, users of the OS will enjoy a bunch of new features and improvements to the current features already at their disposal. Unlike other previous versions of the OS, Windows 10 is a service that will be receiving regular updates aimed at not just fixing the usual bugs and errors, but also introducing new features to the OS as well.

windows 10 preview

In fact, the Redmond-based company has already rolled out such updates over the past two years the OS has been around, among them the November Update, the Anniversary Update as well as the Creators Update – all of which have been coming in with new features as well as bug fixes and security updates.

So, what do you stand gaining from the latest Windows 10 preview that has just been released? Keep reading.

Eye Control feature

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced a new feature known as Eye Control and barely a day later, the tech giant has included the feature as part of its Windows 10 preview update for PCs. This is an eye tracking technology that is aimed at making life a lot easier for persons with disabilities using Windows 10.

With the Eye Control feature, disabled persons will be able to operate on-screen keyboard, mouse, text-to-speech experience in a hands-free environment. That is, they’ll only need their eyes to take control of the situation, which is really great. However, a compatible eye tracker is a must-have for this feature to work.

Since the feature was just confirmed a day ago, it is still in the beta phase and for now, it only works with EN-US keyboard layout. By the time it gets out of the beta phase, it will be supported on more keyboard layouts. Also, the confirmed Eye Control feature was announced in conjunction with Tobii, which means it only works with the company’s hardware at this point in time, however, Microsoft says that it is open to working with other vendors so that customers can have a wider set of options to work with.

windows 10 oreview eye control

Improved Microsoft Edge

The introduction of Microsoft Edge as the default web browser on Windows 10 bid goodbye to years of Internet Explorer and with each update to the new OS, Microsoft strives to make the Edge browser even better and more user-appealing.

In the latest Windows 10 Preview update, you will notice that the browser has received a modern look thanks to the company’s Fluent Design System. According to Microsoft, the use of Acrylic material gives more depth and transparency to the tab bar as well as other controls whereas the button animations have become more responsive and delightful. The address bar has also received some updates, where it will remain under the cursor as long as it’s not in focus and you aren’t clicking on it or dragging any text around. There are also some included fixes for closing tabs when in full screen mode, copying images and tab ordering.

Windows Console gets support for full 24-bit RGB color

When Microsoft rolled out the Windows 10 Creators Update, there was added support for full 24-bit RGB color for the Windows Console. In a bid to improve the legibility of darker colors on modern display screens, the tech giant is giving the Console’s default colors their first overhaul in more than two decades. This update, according to Microsoft, will give the Console a more modern look and feel than what you are used to. Check out more details about these changes here.

windows-10 microsoft edge

Input improvements

Other changes that the new Windows 10 preview update brings for PC users are input improvements. You’ll notice that the launch time of the touch keyboard from the taskbar has drastically improved. The update also comes with a bunch of bug fixes related to dictation as well as Japanese keyboards.

Windows Defender Application Guard

Windows Defender has also been updated with performance improvements targeting container launch times. There is new status strings aimed at giving users more detailed info during start up and the update also adds some networking and launching bug fixes to the WDAG. You can also find out more details of the general bug fixes and improvements this Windows 10 preview update brings to PCs by heading the official Microsoft blog.

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