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If you are still playing Pokémon GO chances you’ve heard the response, “wow people still play that game?” That’s because people are surprised that the content is keeping Pokémon GO alive.

How is Pokémon GO Alive?

There are a couple of factors that have contributed to the continuous play in the game. Earlier this year generation two was added. This gave trainers more monsters to collect and even new features like evolution stones.

The addition of new monsters gave trainers something else to do. They had a new goal to complete. No one likes to see an incomplete Pokédex, aside from regional Pokémon. That alone will be just enough to keep some players involved.

This was just the start of Pokémon GO’s resurgence. The game received a new update and it has been driving trainers wild.

Pokémon GO Raids: The Game’s Savior

If you said you weren’t enjoying Pokémon GO raids you’d probably be lying. The raids have cause a serious resurgence in the game that no one saw coming. When initial raids began to pop up at gyms, people got excited. Players formed a team or a group and they battled the bosses down together.

Raids brought the community together again. We saw players talking to each other even if it was sparked by needing a little assistance. Gym Raids were just the key. Legendary Gym Raids are the open door to a never-ending gateway of possibilities.

Legendary Raids Holding Strong

When Legendary Raids were introduced to the game a couple of weeks ago players lost it. In a good way of course. Legendary Pokémon had been missing from the game for quite some time. Players couldn’t understand how the game could go through a whole generation without releasing a single one.

As soon as Legendary Raids made their debut in Chicago, trainers flooded the streets. This was a form of hype like no other. Even after a failed event in Pokémon GO Fest, trainers wanted their Legendaries.

Those Legendary Raids are continuing to hold strong as weeks move on. This week brought the debut of Moltres and players are finding it easy to take the bird down. Incase you missed it, you can check out our piece on why Moltres is so easy to take down.

The Future of Raids and Pokémon GO

Raids will carry a serious weight in Pokémon GO’s future. It has proven to be an effective tool from Niantic to engage players, bring players back and release new content.

There are plenty of generations to come in Pokémon GO. With these generations comes a new set of Legendary Pokémon. As long as players have a space that needs filling in their Pokédex, there will be players searching for these Legendaries.

A Word of Advice To Niantic

Here’s a couple of the many things Niantic has to do to keep Pokémon GO alive. To keep Pokémon GO alive they must release new generations at a pace that is much faster than the gap between generation one and two.

Along with the release of a new generation, there should be a new rotation of Legendary Raids. If that is the case, we should see the Legendary Dogs of generation two not too long after the birds.

Niantic should continue to rotate Legendary raids until another generation is released. Having them here and gone forever makes no sense. Despite the more than player friendly time frame, some players still won’t be able to catch a Legendary in a week.

They may be able to find them and take them down, however, with a small catch rate, it makes the task all that much more difficult.

Why Pokémon GO Will Never Die

As long as there is still content in the Pokémon GO series, the game will never die. Trainers have the goal of catching them all for a reason. They also strive to earn their badges and at the moment, to reach the coveted level 40 spot.

Even if this generation of players get lost after 5 generations of so, the Pokémon Company will have a new influx of young fans as long as they release a new generation.

It is a cycle that will continue to help the game grow to one of the longest running mobile games in the genre. There are endless possibilities and the content will always be fresh.

The only thing Niantic needs to work on is the timing of their releases. If they continue to fall months behind as players complete their Pokédex in a rapid fashion, some could grow angry and leave.

It is important to understand that there are plenty of technicalities that come when creating a game such as this one. For the most part, fans will understand, but others such as the player suing the company for the Pokémon GO Fest experience, will not be as forgiving.