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It’s been over a month since OnePlus 5 was released and apparently, the company is already working on a surprise package for the same phone.

Many will agree that this OnePlus 5 phone is the most powerful the market has to offer, probably alongside the ZTE Nubia Z17, which also comes with the same hardware package as the OnePlus flagship killer. Even before fans of the phone get to know it better, the company wants you to have something else very soon.

At this point in time, this “something new” that is also “coming soon” is still unknown, but speculations are rife that the company could be lining up a new color variant for this phone. Other sections claim that the surprise being lined up could be the upgraded OnePlus 5T, but looking at the time the company released the OnePlus 3T, we still have some more months before the 5T makes its debut, if at all it will.

OnePlus 3T

When OnePlus released the successor to the OnePlus 3T, the company only confirmed two color variants in the shape of Slate Gray and Midnight Black. Like many other OEMs, it feels reasonable for OnePlus to expand the number of color options available for OnePlus 5 fans. We’ve seen many other companies doing the same, for instance, Samsung has been adding more color variants to the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in bid to keep the phone lively, more than two months since it was first released.

The South Korean tech giant has been doing this on a regular basis, including introducing a new Coral Blue color variant for the Galaxy S7 Edge following the demise of the Galaxy Note 7, which was the first to debut with this color variant back in 2016. Recently, we saw LG do the same for the G6, coming in with not only new color variants, but also new hardware packages for the same phone.

OnePlus 5

Apple also released a new red color variant for the iPhone 7 Plus and interestingly, many fans of the phone immediately fell in love with this new color variant, something that has played a huge role in maintaining the incredible sales of the phone. According to some OnePlus critics, the fact that the OnePlus 5 has a lot of design similarities with the iPhone 7 Plus could mean that the Chinese OEM is also working on a similarly red color variant for the phone.

iphone 7 plus

Just like we cannot confirm anything that OnePlus is planning regarding the upcoming surprise for OnePlus 5 users, it’s also not possible to confirm any of these developments regarding the red color variant – or any other color variant for that matter.

Due to this uncertainty, some sections are also claiming that the OnePlus 5 could soon receive a bunch of new cases, but such an introduction wouldn’t warrant such huge PR from the company. Nonetheless, whatever OnePlus is working on will definitely be huge, but until then, your guess is as good as ours.


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