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Pokémon GO trainers are now scrambling to catch the latest Legendary Bird. They are beginning to find that it’s pretty easy to take Moltres raids down, however, it’s still hard to catch.

Moltres Raids Are In Full Effect

The fiery Legendary Bird happens to have drawn a huge crowd of trainers. Some trainers have already completed multiple raid battles. It has proven that Moltres is just as hard to catch as Articuno, if not a little more difficult.

Moltres Raids

The screenshot from above shows a trainer who has already ran through 12 raids. Of those 12 raids, he has only managed to capture 5 Moltres. That’s an approximate rate of 41 percent which will vary from trainer to trainer.

The capture rates for Legendaries are pretty low and we are seeing that illustrated in the image above. It’s never going to be easy to catch that. We shared a lengthy piece on why the catch rate should remain low. Check that out as it may change the way you view the current catch rates.

Visually, Moltres happens to be one of the more appealing and eye-capturing designs. From the majestic nature that its flames flow to the aerial attacks, Moltres is super special to watch.

Do You Need A Full Squad To Take Down A Moltres Raid?

It has come to the attention of many trainers that Moltres isn’t actually that hard to take down. Reports are claiming that three players have successfully taken down Moltres and two trainers have come mighty close to doing so.

That is a huge difference from the groups of 15-20 necessary to take down Lugia. It is also much harsher than the 10-15 necessary to take down Articuno. Keep in mind, the trainers that were reportedly involved in the three-person raid were all above level 35.

You must have pretty strong Pokémon that will buy you a little more time. The answer to the aforementioned question is no, you do not need a full squad to take down Moltres.

Why Is Moltres So Easy To Take Down?

As we reported yesterday during the release debacle, Moltres has a double weakness. This Legendary Bird is weak to both rock and water types. Rock types also have a resistance against the Fire attacks.

They are not completely bullet proof from the attacks but they hold their own. You do not want to go in with an Ice type as you will get melted. Given the high resistance to the Fire attacks and quick attacks like Rock Throw, Pokémon like Golem are gems in gym raids.

If you’ve got a ton of Golem, Omastar, Tyranitars or Vaporeons, we are highly suggesting you spend some of that double stardust you earned during the GO Fest event. You will earn it back do not worry.

What Is The 100 IV CP To Look For?

Moltres raids are all over right now which is great if you’re trying to hunt for the perfect one. The perfect, 100 percent IV Moltres will have a CP of 1870. No pressure, but you want to make sure you catch this one.

Don’t worry about the move set it has because as we all know, that is certainly changeable. Get the excellent throw practice in on as many Moltres raids as possible. This way, you’re ready when it’s time to catch that perfect IV phoenix.

YouTuber’s Are Already Catching Moltres

It is an amazing time to be a Pokémon GO YouTuber. Plenty of the biggest names like Mystic 7, Trainer Tips, Reversal and more have already been out filming themselves as they participate in Moltres raids.

Trainer Tips who is out in Hawaii for the release of Moltres, caught his first-ever Moltres. Unfortunately his little brother Chance and his sister had a hard time. Though, with all of the raids going on right now, they may already have a Moltres by now.

Let’s Not Forget About Articuno

Should we be issuing a moment of silence for Articuno? The Legendary bird has made a drastic exit following it’s groundbreaking release. No longer are trainers able to take down/capture Articuno.

Is this the last we’ve seen of Articuno forever? There’s no chance that Articuno is gone forever. It is a Legendary Bird but it isn’t the greatest of all Legendary Pokémon. It would also be pretty heartbreaking to anyone who was unable to capture one during the short time it was featured in the game.

Trainer Tips addresses this theory in one of his latest videos which can be seen below. You can also see plenty of footage of how difficult it is to catch a Legendary Pokémon.

For those Mystic players who will miss Articuno don’t worry. Team Valor will be feeling the same pain that you are right now. The smaller population of Team Instinct players will also feel that pain next week. In the meantime, enjoy those raids!