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Niantic has plenty on their plate right now. From an apparent lawsuit to a very confusing release of the remainder of Legendary Birds. Moltres is now available in raids but not for everyone.

Moltres Is Finally Here But Not For Everyone

The fiery phoenix is one of the best Legendary Birds as it carries the highest DPS stat. Between Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos, Moltres is delivering the damage. Moltres is now available in some regions across the U.S. though some trainers are pretty upset about the rollout.

Moltres was scheduled to roll out today and it did. Though, the timing is what is really throwing Pokémon GO players off. There has been someone of an overlap in the release of Legendary Pokémon as the company made it clear that Articuno would be available through July 31.


Niantic also stated that Moltres would release on the last day players had the chance to catch Articuno. When players on the East Coast woke up this morning, there were no Moltres in sight. Articuno was still running rampant in raids across towns and cities.

Some trainers on the West Coast and those running on Central time are finally discovering Moltres in raids. Screenshots have been popping up making some players furious.

Trainers Across the U.S. Waited

This was not the case in the morning. All trainers had to play the waiting game. The unfortunate part is that trainers on the West Coast benefitted from the PST. Raids are only live until 9PM in the evening. That means, gym raids begin to die out after about 7:30PM on the East Coast.

So, West Coast players benefit from the time difference and will certainly see Moltres on the promised day. East Coast players are going to have to wait until August 1 to get their crack at defeating and catching the fiery Legendary Bird.

Was This Rollout Fair?

Technically yes. The rollout matches that of the Chicago raid rollout after the terrifying Pokémon GO fest experience some trainers endured. While they began to pop up in Chicago and some areas around the world, players on the East Coast had to wait a little longer.

To balance things out a bit, Niantic may want to think about extending the length of time to catch Moltres another couple of days. Scheduling issues have been slightly off for a company who seems to have a plateful of worries at the moment.

What Should Trainers Do?

If you’re on the West Coast, go out and raid. You are some of the lucky few to get the first go at Moltres so take advantage of it. Trainers who haven’t gotten a chance, realize that you will.

The rollout was a little strange but there isn’t much you can do about it at this point. The good news is, Moltres is finally out and we all have a shot at taking it down.

What To Use Against Moltres

If you’ve seen Trainer Tips’ informative video from Pokémon GO Fest, you know what types are most affective against Moltres. The fire type Legendary Bird has a double weakness to rock and water types.

As Trainer Tips said in his video, now would be the time to unleash Golem. Invest your candy in rock Pokémon like Golem. They have quick moves and Stone Edge is an absolute gem of a move against this new Legendary Bird.

Remember, if your Golem doesn’t have Stone Edge your Tyranitar might. If neither of them do, break out those Charge TMs and start reaching for the perfect move sets.

Don’t forget that anything fire will always succumb to water. So, Vaporeon and other water types would be pretty useful against this Legendary Bird. Then their are dual rock and water types like Omastar who are made for going up against Moltres.

Omastar is able to learn moves like Rock Slide, Water Gun, Hydropump, Ancient Power and many more. This makes it a double threat for fast and charge moves.

Make Sure You Take Advantage of The Time

“Moltres will be around for two weeks, after which it will be replaced by the Electric-type bird Zapdos, at which point I’ll have every Gen-1 Pokémon except Mew and Mewtwo,” states Forbes’ David Thier, a contributing writer.

“And Kangashkan. And Mr. Mime. Still, that’s something, right?”

Thier is right, you’ll want to get out there and start taking down as many of these Legendary Birds as possible. The future of their existence in the game is unknown at the moment. There is a possibility this will be the only time to capture them.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start raiding.

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