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At the moment, Samsung Galaxy S8 is causing waves in the smartphone market thanks to its one-of-a-kind design that features an edge-to-edge screen with an Infinity Display feature and 18.5:9 aspect ratio.

These features have meant that the Galaxy S8 has become one of the best-selling devices the company has released in the recent past, with the company noting that the market performance of the S8 is even better than what the Galaxy S7 was able to achieve in 2016.

Of course, the beautiful design of the Galaxy S8 is not the only reason the phone is doing well in the market. The phone, being a flagship offering, also comes with top-notch hardware specs and features as well – most of which are also expected to appear on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The Note 8 will be unveiled on August 23 and in fact, we have our eyes on what is easily the first image of the phone thanks to renowned leakster Evan Blass.

Samsung Galaxy S8

According to Blass’ leaked image, who also turns out for the VentureBeat publication, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will keep some design features that are already available on the S8, but there’s one notable design change that Samsung is set to debut on the Note 8 phablet. As noted earlier, it is the beauty of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ that is making the two phones such a popular pair in the smartphone market. From the leaked image, this beauty will still be retained on the Note 8, albeit with a few tweaks here and there.

When you look at the Galaxy S8 display screen, you’ll notice that the phone has curved or rather rounded edges, but looking at the leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 image, you’ll notice a slight difference on these curves. Apparently, Samsung is making these curves less prominent on the Galaxy Note 8, something that should work out well for the phone’s on-screen buttons.

Other than this subtle change, the rest of the display design remains the same. The beautiful edge-to-edge panel is still there and the bezels are still as small as possible, with the top bezel housing the usual suspects – a selfie camera, LED notification, iris scanner, proximity sensor and autofocus sensor. The same bezel also houses the earpiece, which some rumors claim may also double as a speaker.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The back panel of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will share some features with the Galaxy S8. For instance, the panel will house the fingerprint scanner, only that the scanner is a bit on the far side compared to its placement on the S8. The Note 8 will also debut with a dual-lens camera that is rumored to be a 12MP+13MP setup alongside a dual-tone LED flash.

In terms of specs, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be a beast, coming in with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset mated with 6GB of RAM. The phone will have up to three storage options, where the base model will carry 64GB, followed by a midrange model of 128GHB and a high-end variant dubbed the Emperor Edition with a whopping 256GB of internal storage.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 pen

There’s word that the display screen will feature a 6.3-inch panel with the same QHD+ resolution used on the Galaxy S8 and as expected, the S Pen will take its place on the phone via a pocket on the bottom end. For the software, the Galaxy Note 8 will debut with Android 7.1 Nougat out of the box alongside Samsung’s Experience UI on top and keeping it alive will be a 3300mAh unit.

To get your hands on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8, at least according to leaks and rumors, you’ll need about $1000, but this will also depend on the variant you are after as well as the market you are buying the phone from.