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WhatsApp has just announced that one billion people use the application each day. The Facebook owned company had already announced earlier on that one billion users a month were using the service. It seems that the popularity of the WhatsApp service knows no bounds and is growing on a daily basis.

Leading App

The service was launched in the year 2009. Brian Acton along with Jan Koum, both ex employees of Yahoo launched the service. The number of users has been on a steady rise since the launch. In 2014, WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, which paid an amazing amount of $19.3 billion for the service. After this, the numbers continued increasing. It is now one of the leading apps in the world and one of the most popular ones.

Other Stats

The big news is that WhatsApp has now reached one billion people using the service on a daily basis. Some other stats have also been released by the company, showing that 55 billions of messages are being shared on the platform each day, with 4.5 billions of photographs shared on a daily basis. WhatsApp revealed the information in its latest blogpost, stating that they are proud and very excited to share the news that one billion people from all over the world are using the service in order to remain in contact with their family members and friends.

whatsapp users

Proud but Humbled

In its blogpost, WhatsApp stated that communication using the app makes it more personal for the users and it is an easy platform to use. It is easy for sharing photos, videos, making video and audio calls, keeping family and friends updates through the Status feature and so on. WhatsApp is humbled by the fact that that a billion users are able to connect with each other through the app in this way, on a daily basis.

Celebrating a Milestone

WhatsApp also stated that they were celebrating the moment but they were also committed to bringing additional features to users. They aimed at offering a reliable, simple and secure platform that was expected from WhatsApp. They also thanked users for their support.

Major Update

The big news about the one billion users per day comes along with a latest update for the service. WhatsApp now allows users to send any kind of documents through the app during a chat conversation.

WhatsApp new feature

Sending All Files

Earlier, users were only able to send the regular PDF document. However, now they can send all kinds of documents, though there is a limit to the size of the file that is being sent. Users can now send all kinds of documents, so long as it is up to a maximum of 100 MB.

Other Features

Other new features for WhatsApp through the latest update is that users can now pin a chat on the top of the chat list. Users can also now forward several photos faster and also delete them simultaneously.

Future Upgrades

Along with all these new features and upgrades, it is expected that WhatsApp will be offering some new features in the near future. It is expected that it will soon allow users to send or play a YouTube video in the application.