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Samsung Gear S3 is available for using on your iPhone and can be accessed in the App Store.

This means that you can sync your iPhone with a Samsung smartwatch. It is somewhat strange for Apple to allow devices from the competition on their own devices. However, a smartwatch can be considered as something similar to a Bluetooth accessory. It is like a wireless phone or a fitness tracker, so it is not restricted on your iPhone.

New Circular Design

The Samsung Gear S3 comes in a round design, but is rather bulky in appearance. The bezel is a rotating style and the battery life is impressive. Let’s check out the usage of the Samsung Gear S3 when it is paired with your iPhone.

Samsung Gear S3 activity

No More Activity Rings

Apple Watch comes with three circles seen on the watch and the iPhone. It represents the time standing, the active exercise and the amount of calories burned. When you perform your daily exercises, the rings get filled, with a resetting done every day. When you use the Samsung Gear S3 instead of the Apple Watch, you cannot fill in the Activity Rings, so you will not be able to get the readings from the watch on your Activity app.

No Apple Health App

Apple Health is compatible with some of the fitness trackers in the market. However, it does not work with Samsung Gear S. However, there is a way out of this one. There is an iOS version for the Samsung Health in the Samsung Gear S app. This is a fitness-tracking app from Samsung. It has the ability to record the number of steps walked or climbed, the caffeine intake, the heart rate and different types of exercises, sleep time and so on.

Samsung Gear S3 apple app

Tracking Sleep Time

However, the Apple Watch still does not have a native sleep-tracking feature. You need to use some other apps for this. On the other hand, fitness trackers from Samsung have this feature and it is updated in the Samsung Gear 3. But you may have to wear the bulky watch on your hand while sleeping.

Tracking Achievements

Both the Apple Activity and the Samsung Health offer tracking of achievements and alerting users when they are stationary for too long. You can customize the goals on both of them. They also offer default settings.

Samsung Gear S3 apple ecosystem

Effect on the Ecosystem

Apple Watch comes with watch extensions. For instance, you can use the watch for shutting down a camera application, to offer reminders, initiate a navigation, etc. Other functionalities in the Apple ecysystem include replying to a chat message using the Watch. It comes with readymade replies or you can use the Scribble to type out a reply. Apple Watch is an essential part of the iPhone ecosystem.

On the other hand, when pairing the Samsung Gear S3 to the iPhone, you can continue receiving notifications on your watch. You can dismiss the messages but not do anything else. You can answer a voice call and use the internal speaker. Yet, Digital Touch or tapping or sending heartbeats to friends owning Apple Watch is now off the limits.