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It’s nothing new that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world right now, however, the chat app keeps on hitting new milestones each and every time.

A while back, the chat app became the first to cross the 1 billion monthly active users’ line. At the time, the only other social networking application that had such a huge following across the globe was Facebook, which is also owned by the same company that owns WhatsApp.

Now, according to new stats shared by the Facebook-owned application on its official website, there’s a new landmark in the app’s fan base. Apparently, it’s no longer a monthly user activity affair, rather, it has now become a daily affair. The latest stats confirm that WhatsApp has clocked a daily user base of at least 1 billion people from all over the world. This is just insane and further shows how popular this app keeps on growing with each passing day.

It’s easy to say that these figures hit these landmarks because the chat app is free to download and install. However, the closest competitors to the app are also available on a bosman, which leaves this argument with no baseline whatsoever. What actually makes WhatsApp such a popular app is what the app has to offer when compared to the rest of the package as well as the simplicity with which it offers these services.

whatsapp users

The chat app has also confirmed that the monthly active user base has also jumped to 1.3 billion users and apparently, these people go ahead and exchange a whopping 55 billion messages on a single day using up to 60 different languages. Breaking the figures further, the chat app also gets to preside over 1 billion video messages on a single day whereas a massive 4.5 billion photos are also exchanged via the same app on a daily basis.

In addition to the services that WhatsApp has to offer alongside how simple it presents these services to users, the chat app also boasts the largest repository of features that users can take advantage of when sharing messages with friends and family. Despite the massive number of features already available, developers of the app never get tired of adding more features to the app.

WhatsApp new shortut

For instance, in the latest beta version of the chat app, which carries software version 2.17.277, you will come across a new feature known as app shortcuts. If you are using a smartphone that is powered by Android 7.0 Nougat, you’ve probably come across this feature on your day-to-day interaction with apps such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and a few others.

While the feature has been around for close to a year now, it’s only now that WhatsApp has opted to include it in the latest beta version of the app. With app shortcuts, you don’t need to launch the app in order to access or rather execute a given number of functions. In the case of Gmail, you only need to long-press on the app icon and a bunch of shortcuts will show up such as composing a new mail, for instance.

The same is coming to WhatsApp, where you only need to long-press on the app icon and a bunch of shortcuts will appear. As for now, you will see shortcuts such as New chat, Starred messages and Camera, which are not so useful at the moment, but probably because the app is still in beta.

WhatsApp new feature

Unless you are the type who always deletes all chat threads once you are done with a chat, you won’t find the New chat shortcut very useful. The Camera shortcut will open the in-built camera for taking photos, but most people rarely use this version, instead, they use the default camera app to capture photos and simply upload or share them in the usual way. As for the starred messages, the new WhatsApp shortcut will give you access to a randomly selected starred messages, which would have made more sense if it gave you access to a list of all starred messages in your chat list.

But as noted, this is a beta version of WhatsApp and as such, more changes might come in before the stable version gets this new feature, hopefully. If you want to try out the new feature, you need to be part of the Google Play Store beta program, otherwise, you’ll have to get the APK version from the APK Mirror and install it manually on your phone.