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Battling Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO is hard enough. When it comes time to capture them it’s exponentially harder. Should The Legendary Pokémon Catch Rate Be Increased?

Reasons Legendary Pokémon Catch Rate Should Remain The Same

Legendary Pokémon are some of the rarest monsters out there. If the catch rate was as high as it was when they were first released in Chicago, it would cheapen their worth. These are supposed to be coveted monsters.

Simply giving them away would completely counter-productive. Fans of the trading card game know that it is also quite difficult to get these monsters as the cards are pretty hard to come by. Though, we suppose you could head to eBay and pay a premium price for one.

Accessing these Pokémon aren’t that hard at the moment. Level five Legendary Raids are taking place at an enormously increased rate at the moment. That won’t be the case forever but it means that everyone has a shot to encounter Legendaries no matter what your schedule is.

Niantic has already done their part in making them accessible. It is up to the trainer to go out and catch them. If you fail the first time, try again.

Legendary Pokémon vary in IV and won’t be allowed in as gym defenders. Right now getting them is more of a collectibility aspect. The majority of them don’t come with spectacular IV’s. You really have to get lucky.

Reasons Why Legendary Pokémon Catch Rates Should Increase

Legendary Pokémon can’t be left in a gym but they darn sure can help bring them down. Chances are they would be pretty amazing at it to. Imagine have the best move set for Lugia and dismantling a gym with it. Pretty amazing huh?

There is a chance of getting a high or perfect IV Legendary. At that point you would want to catch more Legendaries so you don’t have to waste all of your rare candy on Legendaries alone. It’s already pretty difficult for rural players to participate in raids. If they had to scramble for rare candies, only given out by raids, life would be much more difficult.

The number of raids are high right now, though, it looks like they are going to decrease. Niantic has already set the dates where Articuno will no longer be available. Moltres and Zapdos will only be available for a week each. In theory, the time-frame has shrunken to catch these Legendary Pokémon.

How About Increasing The Catch Rate To A Reasonable Percentage?

There is a solution that may appease both sides of the spectrum. Increasing the catch rate to 40 or 50% could be the smart solution. The rate was reportedly increased from 2% to 3%. We would all agree that it wasn’t too much of a difference maker.

If the rate was increased to a reasonable amount like 40%, it would make catching Legendaries a bit easier. It’s still below 50% and well below the 100% that those in Chicago were enjoying. They’ll have all of the candies and players who were looking forward to using the rare candies for gen 3 Pokémon would be forced to use them on their Legendaries instead.

Solving this problem is not easy. Finding a way to please all players is nearly impossible. Niantic seems to have found this out the hard way.

How You May Be Able To Share Your Input

Players have a responsibility to being more understanding about balancing the game. At this point in Pokémon GO, it would be safe to assume that Niantic is always open to suggestions.

If you have a better way of balancing the game in mind maybe shoot them a message. If it seems like they aren’t getting back to you, gather some friends and post the suggestions in the comments section of the YouTuber’s who are now working together with Niantic.

They can be a voice for players all over the world and have the resources to have the suggestions heard. In a recent video from Mystic 7, he revealed that he was being called a sellout for joining with Niantic and putting the GO Fest event into perspective rather than bashing it.

That’s not a smart move from fans. These guys can be the gateway into creating a better gaming experience for everyone playing the game. Of course, some players will never be understanding but there’s always the exit door for them.

This Will Take Time

Like every feature in this game, it will take time to perfect it. The first go is always like a trial and  it would behoove you to get used to understanding that one year into the game. None of this is new to players. Patience should yield much better results in the future.

In the meantime, get out there and catch as many Legendary Pokémon as possible before they start disappearing. The Legendary Pokémon catch rate will be resolve with time. If not with this first round, maybe with the next round.