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Legendary Pokémon are upon us with full force. It’s pretty difficult catching one but even more difficult getting one with the perfect moves. So what exactly are the best Legendary Pokémon moves?

Best Legendary Pokémon Moves

The best moves take a couple of things into consideration. You want to look at the Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) and Damage Per Second (DPS). So, if you have a perfect IV Legendary or pretty close to perfect these are the moves you want to have, according to Trainer Tips.


The best move set for Lugia according to Trainer Tips is, Extrasensory and Future Sight. The second best would be Extrasensory and Sky Attack. Both of these moves benefit from a high DPS and of course given the fact that it is a flying and psychic type, it benefits from STAB as well.


Articuno’s best move set happens to be Frost Breath and Blizzard. It’s pretty easy to determine as Articuno only has one possible fast attack. The second best move set goes to Frost Breath and Ice Beam. Looking for another Pokémon to take down Dragonite? This would be one way to go for sure.


All of you team Valor players better get your hands on Moltres as it will only be available for one week. The best moveset in terms of STAB and DPS is Fire Spin and Overheat. You’ll notice that is similar in the case of all fire type Pokémon. Don’t stress if you don’t have this move set, Fire Spin and Fire Blast is also an acceptable move set. Like Articuno, Moltres only has one possible fast move.


Zapdos is arguably one of the biggest and baddest Legendary Pokémon out of the three main Legendary birds. The best move set is Charge Beam and Zap Cannon, similar to all electric type Pokémon. The second best move set is Charge Beam and Thunderbolt. Like the aforementioned birds, Zapdos will only be available for one week so make sure you’re on top of those Legendary raids.

Changing Moves In Pokémon GO

If for some reason you don’t already know this, changing the moves for a Pokémon in Pokémon GO is super simple. Players receive Fast TM’s and Charge TM’s as a reward when defeating raid bosses.

These TM’s can be used to change either the quick attack or charge attack of a Pokémon. It’s really that simple. You pick the TM you want to use, find the Pokémon you want to use it on and boom, new move set. Keep in mind, you may not get the perfect combo the first time around. To guarantee yourself more chances, you should complete more raids. This way, you can stock up on TM’s.

TM’s aren’t just important for Legendary Pokémon. They offer a way to bring out the best in your high IV Pokémon. So, everyone has a chance at creating a super squad to take on gyms.

Missing One Legendary Bird

There is one Legendary bird that seems to be missing in action. Like Lugia, there is another big and bad Legendary bird yet to be announced. Ho-oh has been missing from the release and fans are beginning to wonder.

Speculation is beginning to target the Pikachu Outbreak event in Japan as the focal point for the release. Since GO Fest was the release of Legendary birds in general, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Ho-oh unveiled the event.

Ho-oh is one of the most sought after Pokémon in the series. Trading cards or in-game it’s a well-respected Pokémon and fans haven’t forgotten.

How To Ensure You Have The Strongest Legendary Pokémon

With all of the Legendary hype going around everyone wants to have the strongest Legendary possible. There are three ways to ensure you have the strongest Legendary Pokémon in the game.

First, you need to make sure you defeat and capture every single Legendary Pokémon possible. Why? Because IV’s will come into play. The higher the IV’s the more likely it is to max out the CP. The higher the CP and HP climb the badder that Pokémon becomes. In a good way of course.

Do as many raids as possible. You might be thinking, yeah, of course raids are awesome. The rewards you get from them are even more awesome. This is especially true when it comes to rare candy.

Remember, rare candy can be used on any Pokémon to increase the candy count. The more candy you have the better your chances are to reach the max CP level.

Most importantly, don’t go crazy on your stardust. Make sure you use some self-control and save as much stardust as possible. Without stardust you won’t be able to use the candy to power up those Pokémon. Now you have the tools to be the best trainer possible when it comes to Legendary Pokémon.

Check out Trainer Tips’ video on Legendary Pokémon moves below.