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Pokémon GO is in an early renaissance. With all of the new features that have hit the game, players are beginning to return and an influx of new players are on their way. Though, the players are starting to find it hard to play in a few areas.

What’s New In Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO introduced an all new raid system. They later on introduced Legendary Pokémon as raid bosses and everyone wants a shot at them. Trainers all over the world flocked to locations that were flagged as gyms.

However, some of these gyms happen to be attached to private property. They are also attached to institutions like police and fire departments. Not to mention, they are also attached to holy places such as churches.

When a Legendary raid or level four raid occurs, some trainers don’t seem to understand their surroundings. Funny enough, the game always warns players to be aware of their surroundings upon opening the app. Some players actually obey those warnings which makes it hard when players are stigmatized.

What Are Some of The Issues?

Due to the placement of some of the gyms and at times the placement of rare Pokémon, players are venturing into places they shouldn’t be.

In Connecticut for example, a local Newington Fire Department voice their concerns over players getting in the way while they are responding to calls.

“The volunteer fire department took to Facebook on Tuesday, saying it had come to their attention that the fire headquarters on Main Street is a location of interest for the Pokémon GO players,” according to WFSB.

“Fire officials said while they support the community and visitors, they can’t have their parking lot filled with ‘Pokémon hunters,’ because those spots are for firefighters responding to calls.”

It’s easy to see how this could become a hazard for both players and firefighters. For some players in rural areas, there aren’t many options. A lack of monuments or notable buildings cause Pokéstops and gyms to appear in areas they probably shouldn’t.

This is at no fault of the players. Some stops and gyms in the game are poorly located in areas where players could be admonished for playing in. It is important to note that trainers of all ages play the game, so while some understand the right and wrong places, others may not be so understanding.

Some institutions are taking action to get these stops and gyms removed so that they won’t have to deal with players getting in the way.

“We are working with the company to get this Pokémon moved to a more convenient location, however in the meantime we would be very appreciative if you would park in the rear of the building, and walk around to the front,” the post continued, according to the report.

Things May Get Worse Before They Get Better

Unfortunately for players, things may get worse before they get better. The release dates for two more Legendary Pokémon have been announced.

These Pokémon will only be available for a limited time. This means that players will be scrambling to get to every raid possible, before Legendaries are non-existent.

  • Articuno (Team Mystic’s mascot) was released on July 22 and will be available through Monday, July 31st

  • Moltres (Valor’s mascot) will be released on Monday, July 31st and will be available through Monday, August 7th

  • Zapdos (Instinct’s mascot) will be released on Monday, August 7th and will be available through Monday, August 14th.


“It may seem weird to have something come and go like this — particularly something that most players will want and be upset to miss,” according to the report.

“But releasing them all at once would keep people interested for a day or two, max — staggering them like this keeps them popping back in for weeks at a time.”

This rush will be a true test of just how many places will be accepting of players. It will also be a test for institutions looking to rid themselves of trainers.

Where Not To Play

If you’re having trouble figuring out where you can and can’t play, here’s a list we would go with.

Do Not Play Near Or On: 

  • At A Church During Session
  • Police Station
  • Fire Station
  • Any Place With A No Trespassing Sign
  • Under-lit Areas
  • Hospitals

Most of the places mentioned above happen to be first responder locations. That means there will be emergency vehicles in and out and they rely on a clear path.

It all boils down to being courteous and discrete. Unfortunately, when it comes to raids, groups are the way to go. So, you’ll have to decide if that Legendary Pokémon is really worth potentially being thrown in the slammer.

Niantic has much bigger fish to fry after the Pokémon GO Fest hiccups they endured. So, don’t expect them to come to your rescue if you don’t use your better judgement.

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