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Pokémon GO Fest was the game’s most highly anticipated event of the year. It went off on Saturday but it happened to have plenty of hiccups. Despite the hiccups, the event was not a complete failure.

What Happened At Pokémon GO Fest?

YouTubers that were guests of Niantic have been reflecting on the experience and began to explain what went wrong. So far, the most critical reflection cam from Trainer Tips. He shared his honest thoughts and opinions on what happened at GO Fest.

In the reflection, Trainer Tips explained that having a single entrance slowed access to getting into the event. He revealed that limited cell towers in the area caused connectivity issues with the app due to the number of people in the area.

He explained that Niantic did contact the cell carriers in Chicago and alert them about the group they would have. All carriers, according to Trainer Tips, believed they would be able to handle the traffic.

Trainer Tips had connectivity issues but he was able to jump back in and enjoy some of the festivities.

“There were chants of fix your game,” said Trainer Tips in the video below.

“People booing John Hanke as he took the stage for the first time. And, while I think the booing was probably inappropriate, people are 100 percent entitled to be upset in that situation.”

He argued that people paid for the ticket and some paid thousands to come from places far and wide.

How did Niantic Remedy The Situation?

Niantic was forced to think quickly about how they would appease the upset trainers. They expanded access to the event 2 miles outside of the park. The company offered a full refund for the ticket to the event and gave trainers $100 worth of free coins.

Niantic also revealed that trainers would have the Legendary Pokémon Lugia, deposited into their collection and extended the event for two days, for those who traveled to Chicago.

The company took immediate and drastic steps to appease those in attendance. Meanwhile, those enjoying the bonuses continued to play, some without any knowledge of what was going on in Chicago.

Meet-ups were organized by local Facebook and discord groups. For the most part, these events were fun and brought the community together.

Niantic Drops Legendary Raids

After the event concluded, Niantic released a feature trainers all over were waiting for. The Legendary Pokémon Raids had begun with Lugia and Articuno being the first Legendary birds to be unlocked.

YouTubers would flock to the streets meeting up with each other and fans to take down the powerful Legendary Pokémon. It was such a shock and had the perfect element of surprise.

These random raids appearing injected some adrenaline into what was a disappointing day for players. Players defeated the raid bosses and were catching them all over Chicago. It was a smart way to distract players from what happened earlier.

How Niantic Was Successful Without Knowing It

Like the groups that got together outside of Chicago, the game stuck true to its nature. It got everyone in the community to come together to play. This is especially true for when Legendary raids appeared all over the world.

In order to take down these birds, you need a pretty substantial group. Players brought the trailer with the Legendary announcement to life and it was beautiful.

“With all that said I don’t think it was a complete failure,” said Trainer Tips in his video.

“I think a lot absolutely went wrong, that shouldn’t have, that didn’t need to. And I think this first iteration of Pokémon GO Fest is going to be remembered much more for its failure than its successes. Which is unfortunate, but I don’t think it’s going to affect things in the long term too much.”

He continued to rehash some of the positive aspects that came out of the event, then elaborated on why the event was truly successful in many ways.

“There’s a lot going on in Pokémon GO to be happy about,” said Trainer Tips.

“For me and for a lot of people I think it was just really about the community, about being in a place with thousands of other people who are excited to play this game that we all enjoy.”

For Trainer Tips, he enjoyed meeting new people and hearing about other attendees who met fellow players.

The Pokémon GO Community Has Never Been Closer

At the end of the day, the game built a huge community in the beginning. It would later lose plenty of the community, though this event may have pulled it back together.

The only question now is, when are the rest of the Legendary birds coming and are the Legendary dogs of gen 2 a part of the agenda as well. In the meantime, hit all of those Legendary raids that you can.

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