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It seems 2017 is the year that HTC will finally get back to its feet and all of this is thanks to the new HTC U11 flagship phone.

In a sea of many impressive smartphones that include the likes of Samsung Galaxy S8, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, LG G6 and OnePlus 5, there is no doubt that the HTC U11 is a standout phone. This is not just because of its impressive and largely unique squeezable sides, but looking at the core functionality of the handset, you’ll agree that the U11 is one of the best, if not the best in the market right now.

For many HTC fans out there that had been feeling somehow let down by the company since the release of the One M9, the new HTC U11 is one phone that you’ll love, in many ways. The design is unique and the specs list is without a doubt impressive. As usual, the camera is up there above everyone else, something that industry experts DxOMark also agree by giving the phone the highest ever score of 90.

HTC U11 battery life

In terms of being innovative, the Taiwanese tech giant also leads the way with its squeezable sides, something that is reportedly set to become a thing, especially since the Google Pixel 2 XL is rumored to be taking this same direction. Given that the HTC U11 is equipped with the latest processor in the shape of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 alongside a RAM of either 4GB or 6GB, there is nothing that the phone can’t handle.

As for the size, the U11 is neither too big nor is too compact, boasting a polished Gorilla Glass 5 material that does nothing to add to its weight, which could make you think that the phone is made out of cheapo plastic. The phone also sports a metallic chassis that makes it feel as solid as you’d expect from a premium phone priced at $649.

As noted earlier, the smartphone market is full of great phones, however, the HTC U11 has an appeal that you haven’t seen anywhere before. The phone features a Liquid Surface design that hands it a two-tone appearance. The company has taken the phone’s aesthetics to the next level by including some fancy finishes in the shape of Amazing Silver, Brilliant Black, Solar Red and Ice White and Sapphire Blue. Depending on how you hold the U11, you will end up with a different look on the phone, which adds even more to the overall brilliance of the design language.

One problem, though, is the rate at which the phone is able to hold onto your fingerprints. If anything, the HTC U11 is the most smudge-friendly handset we’ve seen before, but this does little to take away anything from the greatness of this phone, especially since the prints are easily wiped off.

HTC U11 price

The display screen is simply perfect at 5.5 inches and a QHD resolution. It’s clear and big enough and even though it’s somehow dim, it’s still bright enough to get the job done. If anything, the idea of the screen being slightly dim seems to be playing a huge role in the phone’s stunning battery life.

Which brings us to the main point – battery life. These days, everyone wants a phone that is slim, sleek, yet packed with a big enough battery unit that easily lasts a day or more on a single charge. If this is your type of phone, the HTC U11 is exactly that. The capacity is not as big as the other phones, standing at 3000mAh, but you’ll get superior battery life than what you’d expect.

HTC U11 rear

Usually, HTC has always had issues with getting things right with its batteries, but the HTC U11 is a perfect phone on this front. The phone comes with Boost+ technology that is obviously playing a part in the prolonged battery life, but even with auto brightness, auto sync and no power saving modes in place, you will still get a decent battery life from the U11.

With the addition of these battery optimizations, we are talking up to a day and a half of gentle usage on a single charge, something you won’t come across easily in the present day. One downside, though, is that the phone has no wireless charging technology, but the Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging should be enough to handle things in the shortest time possible.