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Not every mobile phone user is able to enjoy WhatsApp free download on their phones.

Over the recent past, the app developers have been doing away with support for aging mobile platforms as they usher in newer versions of the same platforms.

For instance, after last year, there was no more WhatsApp free download for those using older versions of Android OS, iOS and Windows Phone. The company announced that everyone still using the app on iPhones must be using at least version 7 and above. The same statement also confirmed that those people still rocking Android 2.2-powered phones will no longer be able to continue using the app or rather receiving new updates as well as support for the app on their phones.

If you are still using a Windows Phone 7 smartphone, you might already have noticed that WhatsApp free download is no longer supported on this platform. This exercise of rooting out older platforms has not stopped and it’s not about to stop any time soon.

WhatsApp Messenger Nokia

Just recently, folks using phones powered by Nokia S60 were added to this blacklist. At the time, the company had confirmed that starting July 1, WhatsApp free download will no longer be supported on Nokia S60, Nokia S40, BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10. However, there was a slight change of plans, where the same company announced that it will be extending the support for some of these platforms until the end of this year.

WhatsApp still works perfectly on the likes of Nokia S40, BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry OS as well as Windows Phone 8.0. However, the support for some of these platforms will no longer be available after December 31 this year. In short, you will not receive any software updates once this date is here. Furthermore, you may also be locked out from using the app completely.

In order to keep using the app on your Nokia phone, you will have two options: either get a Nokia S40 device or jump to the new Nokia Android phones. So far, there are three options you can choose from as far as Android is concerned, among them the Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3. At the end of this month, another model dubbed Nokia 8 will be joining the party, but unlike the already existing models, this one will be a flagship offering with high-end specs and a similarly high-end price tag.


Where the Nokia 3 is priced at 139 euros, the Nokia 5 has a price tag of 189 euros and the Nokia 6 is valued at 229 euros. As noted, the Nokia 8 will command a higher price tag than any of these three phones. If you can’t afford any of these, your other option of getting WhatsApp free download on a Nokia phone is to opt for a model powered by the company’s Nokia S40 OS. However, this version will only give you a year of service, with the support ending on December 31, 2018.

Now that you know the Nokia phones that are still eligible to use WhatsApp free download, the question is how do you install the app on the phone? It’s quite simple, especially for the Android powered models. Once you setup the phone, go to the Google Play Store and download the app. The processing of setting it up is also very simple, where you only need your phone number.

As for those using Nokia S40, you’ll have to get this WhatsApp free download via the official website of the app at, where you should get the most up to date version.

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