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A few years ago, WhatsApp download for Windows 8 laptop was just a dream, but today, users of this app can now enjoy it on more than one device.

When the app first came out in 2009, it was strictly meant for the mobile phone environment. However, since Facebook bought it in 2014, a lot has changed over the three years the social networking company has owned the app.

Besides the introduction of support for voice and video calls, WhatsApp download for Windows 8 laptop is now possible. This means that you can now enjoy the application on your PC, just like you would do with any other app such as Facebook Messenger or Twitter, just to name but a few. However, unlike other apps, WhatsApp still needs you to have the app installed on your phone before you can actually get things going on your Windows 8 laptop.

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The good side of the story is that setting up the app on your laptop is quite easy. In fact, there’s more than one way that you can use the app on your laptop. While the first method only needs you to have a compatible web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, the second option, which is the one in question here, will actually let you get to download and install the app on your laptop.

So, one might be asking how WhatsApp download for Windows 8 laptop works. Well, it’s not rocket science we are talking about here. If anything, this is a no brainer, especially if you have some knowledge of navigating the web as well as downloading and installing applications on your PC.

As noted, you will still need to have WhatsApp installed and set up on your phone. Once this is done, visit the official WhatsApp website and from there, you can get the latest WhatsApp download for Windows 8 laptop, download and install it on your PC as you would do with any other app.

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Once you are done installing, launch the app. You should see a window show up with a QR code asking you to use WhatsApp on your phone to scan the code. To do this, go back to your phone and launch the app. In the menu, you should see a WhatsApp Web option in the list, which is just what you need to select in order to get things going.

Once you tap on this WhatsApp Web option, the phone app will launch the camera. This is where you’ll need to point the camera to the QR code on your Windows 8 laptop. The camera will go ahead and scan the QR code and in a matter of seconds, you will be logged into the WhatsApp on your Windows 8 laptop.

As you can see, this was a very easy task. You can now start doing what you always do with the app on your phone using your Windows 8 laptop, which should be kind of cool, especially if you are not allowed to use your phone at work.

If setting up WhatsApp download for Windows 8 laptop is too much of a hassle, you can always use the web version. Rather than download and install the app, simply open your browser and go to the page You’ll see a similar QR code window show up and using the same procedure, go ahead and scan the code using your phone’s camera in order to be logged in. Once you are in, you can start chatting with friends, but now on a bigger screen and better place to type.