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Niantic is finally acknowledging the hard work of the YouTube community that has covered Pokémon Go and inviting them to help trainers celebrate Pokémon Go Fest, scheduled for Saturday, July 22.


If names like Trainer Tips, Reversal and Mystic7 ring a bell, chances are you’re a fan of these Pokémon Go YouTubers. These are some of the big names who have been covering the game from its initial release.

Whether these trainers bring content geared around hunts, raids or just straight up news, they always have a video for their subscribers. Most of these subscribers are hardcore fans and have been calling on Niantic to acknowledge the work they do.

The time has finally come and the three aforementioned names let fans in on the big secret. Trainer Tips was among one of the first YouTuber’s to release a video, rehashing how his exchange with Niantic went.


Trainer Tips Partners With Niantic

“I have some pretty exciting news,” said Nick (Trainer Tips).

“Last week I got an email that I’ve been waiting for, an email that I think this entire community has been waiting for, for over a year now. It was titled, ‘Hello From Niantic.'”

He revealed that the email was from the company responsible for Pokémon Go. After confirming that he would be visiting Chicago’s Grant Park for Pokémon Go Fest, Nick and Niantic began exchanging ideas on how they could work together for the benefit of the community.

The answer was, through a meet-and-greet booth that will be available to trainers looking to have some sort of dialogue with a fellow Pokémon Go enthusiast.

“I’m happy to announce that I am officially partnered with Niantic for Go Fest and there are a lot of cool things that we are going to be doing together,” confirmed Nick.

He will also be shooting some video content that will be streamed during the Pokémon Go Fest event. Though, details are still yet to come.

Nick isn’t the only YouTuber that will be a part of the festivities. Both Reversal and Mystic7 also shared videos revealing their encounters with Niantic, which are almost identical to Nick.

Reversal Partners With Niantic

YouTubers Reversal and Mystic7 both expressed their excitement to work with Niantic at Pokémon Go Fest. Reversal shared that there are still some unknowns about the partnership, however, they will have some sort of backstage access.

YouTuber’s have been invited to the Niantic headquarters, not by sneaking in as Nick joked. Fans will remember he was able to gain entry to the building but wasn’t given any information.

This could mean that future updates and content that is delivered through the game may be in the hands of these YouTubers. For the most part, these trainers share the same ideas and grievances with players worldwide. So, it is our beliefs that this partnership will yield much better content for players in the future.

Mystic7 Partners With Niantic

Mystic7 is another huge name on YouTube with over 1.5 million followers and counting. He revealed that he is partnered/sponsored by Niantic in his own upload on the exchange with Niantic.

We’re not sure sponsored would be the right word at the moment but as Mystic7 put it, “their relationship status has gone from it’s complicated to a couple.”

Due to FTC laws, Trainer Tips, Reversal and Mystic7 must disclose that they are working with Niantic. If you follow these guys on social media, expect to see an indicator such as #AD in posts that are PoGo related.

The announcements mean big things are coming for the Pokémon Go community. Fans can expect a lot more content from these stars as well as some insight on upcoming updates.

The YouTube stars won’t be able to divulge sensitive information. But any information on trouble-shooting or questions regarding updates could have instant answers.

YouTube stars like Mystic7 are still offering a bit of speculation as to when certain updates may happen.

“I’m saying gen 3, and I’ve been saying this, gen 3 will probably be coming out sometime around August,” said Mystic7.

“I would definitely put my money on August for generation three.”

He is also dead set on the fact that legendary Pokémon will be released at the Pokémon Go Fest event coming up Saturday. There is plenty of potential in this game and a lot of content to come.

With plentiful generations and species of Pokémon yet to hit the game, expect an epic final two quarters of 2017. As for the raid bosses, Mystic7 is expecting an addition of raid bosses to the meta.

Exciting times are coming for Pokémon Go and it is bound to cause an influx in players. Are you going to be celebrating Pokémon Go Fest this weekend? Let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more information on how the festival went and what goodies came out of it.