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The latest WhatsApp version for both Android and iOS comes with an interesting feature for sending any files, sharing apps or music directly.

You can now send MP3s or APK installers or any other content in your file to your contacts through the WhatsApp application. The feature was in the testing stage till last month and is now available for the web-based service.

Photos and Videos

Apart from sending any file, you can now select a photo or a video from your screen and send them as well. There is a new set of gallery images in the interface. The messaging service is becoming richer with more features added regularly. A few days back, WhatsApp announced that it was extending its support for Nokia devices as well as for the old BlackBerry smartphones. Soon after, it has started testing the sending of all files through the messaging service.

whatsapp apk sharing

Recent Additions

Very recently, WhatsApp began to support for photo filters as well as albums for the iOS app. In addition, it offered support for video calling and Status in a story style. Users in India will also be able to make payments to their contacts through the app very soon.

Files of Any Type

 The latest feature for file sharing will soon be rolled out for all Android and iOS devices. So grab your version. Earlier, WhatsApp only offered support for photos, videos and documents. However, now the user can send any file up to a maximum of 100 MB. The feature will be very useful for those who want to share obscure files or an executable file. It also means that users will now be able to share photographs and videos with a higher resolution with their contacts.

WhatsApp photo filter

WhatsApp for Work

With this new file-sharing feature, WhatsApp will become more useful for work as well. Use can share work related files through the application, instead of using their email. The feature is available for both the desktop and the web application, so it is very useful at work.

WhatsApp offers a lightweight service, so employees can use it to send files to their team members in a small business. They can also use it for sharing files with friends, for a social or friendly purpose.

Benefits of WhatsApp Sharing

There are many benefits of sharing files through WhatsApp. Users can send the file in an uncompressed form up to a maximum of 100 MB. This means that it is possible to share high quality photographs and videos. This can be very useful when sending files related to human rights, as it portrays the right and accurate picture, without any distortion.

Users can share apps with each other directly and don’t need the app stores. This is especially useful for users in countries like China or Russia, as some apps are censored or even banned. It is very useful for countries where Google Play does not exist.

WhatsApp file sharing

Other New Features

Web and PC users can use the feature for sharing files more fruitfully. An additional feature in the new release is that when you open to the camera view, it automatically reveals your recent photographs or videos.

The app will also enable users to use text-formatting features. This includes bold and italic, as well as strike through while text messaging. The user has to hold the finger down on words that need formatting.

In addition, the photo album systems are another new feature added to WhatsApp. Photos in an album are grouped together, rather than appearing separately in the message thread. The photos appear in the form of a grid and additional images number can be seen on the right corner of the grid. The update is available for both Android and iOS users.