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With the beta and the launch date pretty close, Konami has released the cover photo of PES 2018 featuring Luis Suarez as their face for the new game.

Every year, Electronic Arts and Konami compete to bring the best stars onboard to attract gamers.

While EA has FIFA 18 that stands tall in terms of presentation and style, PES 2018 as always will be the best football sim you can get your hands on. However, the developers are not going to settle down in their second place so easily this time as a lot of new game modes and an engaging single player experience is being incorporated in the game.

PES 2018 Master League

Online Co-op for Group Fun

This year’s PES 2018 is probably the best for this particular feature because one can officially play online co-op with a friend. But if you are thinking about a simple 1 vs 1 match, you are totally wrong. The endless possibilities offered by the new online co-op mode are plenty. With the mode introduced, players can now play 2 vs 2, or even large 3 vs 3 matches relying on the skill set of six different players to deliver their team to victory. The game features new game styles like bomber, defensive master which will encourage you to work as a team. For a sports game, this is definitely a big jump and sure to add a new flavor to the gameplay experience.

PES 2018 soccer

Improved Master League

Apart from online co-op and random selection match, the developers at Konami ensured that Master League receives the big upgrade it needs. After all, their big rival FIFA 18 relies largely on their ability to create impressive player stories that is carried forward with a storyline and lots of games until the big victory. The cinematic presentation is just one of the many features Master League will introduce in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018.

Some promising additions will be scenes that take place in the locker room combined with pre-match interviews. Pre-season tournaments, an improved transfer system and better graphics will make the story mode in the game as addictive as their competitor. Once PES 2018 fixes these things, they are sure to be a worthy competitor for FIFA 18 and may possibly even manage to win their rival this year. The game will get launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC as it always does. Real player faces, voice acting and graphical improvements can always be expected in any new game.