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We only have a few weeks before Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is here, at least according to the rumored end-of-August or early September release date.

Up to now, a lot of speculations have been doing rounds regarding the Galaxy Note 8, the expected design, features and even the price. Based on history, we all know that Samsung will not stray from what it has already done with the Galaxy S8, which has been around for a few months now.

In fact, all the leaks and rumors that are doing rounds are suggesting that the Galaxy Note 8 will have a huge chunk of similarities with the Galaxy S8. However, other than the names, the two phones will also have their own set of differences that will distinguish them. In this article, we have put together a list of the 5 biggest differences you can expect to see between the Note 8 and S8 once the former breaks cover in the coming weeks.

Galaxy Note 8

S Pen

The most notable difference between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note family is the presence of the S Pen on the latter. This is not about to change with this year’s Galaxy Note 8 and S8. The phablet is expected to get an even better S Pen with more features and upgrades over what the Note 7 came in with.

Screen size

One thing that we know is that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will sport just about the same design language as the Galaxy S8. The beautiful curves will be there and the Infinity Display will also keep its place. However, just like it has been the case with previous cases, the Note 8 will come in with a slightly different screen size compared to the S8 or even the bigger S8+.

Last year, the Galaxy Note 7 came with a 5.7-inch display screen, which was 0.2 inches bigger than the 5.5-inch panel used on the Galaxy S7 Edge. According to reports, this could also be the same case, where the Galaxy Note 8 will ship with a slightly bigger 6.3-inch display screen compared to the 5.8-inch or 6.2-inch panel used on the Galaxy S8 and S8+, respectively.

As for the rest of the qualities, nothing will change. This means that the Note 8 will still feature a QHD+ resolution and near bezel-less design you see on the S8 twins.

Super hardware specs

In most markets, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are equipped with a Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895 SoC paired with 4GB RAM. When the Galaxy Note 8 breaks cover, expect the base model to come in with an impressive 6GB RAM module, the best ever on a Note phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Superior screen to body ratio

Although nothing close to the 91.3% screen to body ratio that the Xiaomi Mi MIX comes with, the Galaxy S8 impresses with its 83% screen to body ratio. Apparently, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will better this S8 figure, but don’t expect it to hit the same heights as the Mi MIX.

There are no details of the exact figures, but according to leaks, the Note 8 will beat this 83% screen to body ratio on its way to becoming the best smartphone display in 2017. Given that the bezels are said to get even much smaller on this phone, it’s possible that this feature will indeed be achieved.

Dual cameras

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge had one of the best cameras in 2016 despite competing against a host of smartphones that came with dual-lens setups. The Galaxy S8 has a single-lens setup, but the quality you get in terms of photography is not easily matched by the dual-lens cameras already in the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

As it is, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will debut with a dual-lens camera on the back and with the kind of quality Samsung already shows off on its single-lens setups, you can expect even better performance and superior photography from this phone once it breaks cover.


We’ve heard rumors that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be priced at an amazing $1000. This is huge, but based on the package the phone is coming in with, well, the price tag should indeed be worth it.

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