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WhatsApp is getting better with each update and the latest one is making the experience of using the app even much better, but at the moment, the new feature is only available on iOS devices.

If you own an iPhone and use WhatsApp on it, there is a new feature known as Night Mode. Of course, this has nothing to do with the usual Night Shift feature on the Apple platform that adjusts the temperature of your display screen when night falls; instead, this feature is attached to the camera feature of the popular chat app.

The idea of introducing Night Mode in WhatsApp is so that users of the app can enjoy enhanced camera performance when in low-light conditions. As you may know, you don’t have to always upload or share an already captured photo on the app, instead, you can capture a live photo and share it with friends using the camera mode.

whatsapp night mode

Unless you launch the in-app camera feature on WhatsApp, you won’t be able to see this new Night Mode feature and as noted, Android users are yet to start enjoying this nifty addition, but it won’t be long before they get on board. So, how does this Night Mode feature actually work on iOS? Let’s take a closer look.

When using WhatsApp and you open the in-app camera feature to capture a photo, you will notice a new crescent moon icon appearing right next to the flash icon on the top right hand-side of your screen. To activate this feature, simply hit the moon icon and Night Mode will be enabled. Before it’s activated, the icon appears in white color and once you tap on it, you’ll notice that it turns yellow but keeps the same shape.

Also, the icon will only show up when the in-app camera app is launched in low-light conditions, which is essentially why it has a moon shape. What this feature is basically helping WhatsApp users get better shots even when in the dark and with this addition, the app is looking to better compete with other players in the same space that offer features such as filters, 3D effects, masks and so on.

WhatsApp Night Mode Feature on iOS


It’s true that not so many people use the in-app WhatsApp camera feature to capture photos on the app, instead, people prefer to capture photos using the normal camera apps and share them on WhatsApp once these images are stored on their phones. This is without a doubt an improvement in how the app works, but it remains to be seen whether the Night Mode feature will push many people into using the in-app camera of the app.

Lately, the Facebook-owned chat app has been adding more features to both iOS and Android platforms, but it appears that iOS users are always ahead when it comes to receiving new features. One possible reason for this is because iOS users of WhatsApp are not as many as those on Android, which makes it easy to roll out such features on the platform before moving on to Android and other less popular platforms such as Windows OS.

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