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Whenever WhatsApp gets a new feature, we are always here to give you highlights of the new additions and how they can be used to enhance your experience on the app.

Recently, we’ve been getting tips of new features from our readers, but we haven’t been giving them much attention since some of them aren’t really new to say so. Still, it’s very possible that many of you out there are yet to know of their existence, which is why we thought it’s important to shed some light on the same and help you get better at enjoying the most popular app in the world.

If you your memory serves you well, WhatsApp introduced a nifty feature to the platform in 2016. This feature allowed users of the app to apply or rather change the font of text before sharing with friends. Users could choose to bold, strikethrough or italicize text and later on, the tech giant also introduced a fixedsys monospace font.

whatsapp night mode

While these additions were nifty and a much better way of expressing oneself, there was one major problem. One had to remember a set of rules that had to be applied to the text in question in order to change the font to whatever they needed. With this in mind, not so many people were fans of this feature as they couldn’t remember these codes every now and then.

In April this year, WhatsApp developers started making some changes to the feature, where users were allowed to apply different fonts without having to remember all of these codes and rules. In short, all one needed to do was to select the text they want to italicize, for instance, and hit the three dots in the toolbar where options would show up for applying the changes to the text. The options include bold, italic, strikethrough and monospace, something that is much easier to use than having to remember the codes.

This feature is now available in the stable version of WhatsApp and on all major platforms, including Android and iOS.

Another feature that has also made it aboard WhatsApp is the ability to search emojis. This feature has been available on WhatsApp Web for quite some time now, which also meant that it wouldn’t be long before all users of the app got the update as well. As at the time of this writing, those on Android can now enjoy the same functionality, allowing you to find an emoji using a related word or just a few characters. The feature is great and time saving, where you no longer have to scroll sideways as you search for the appropriate emoji to use in a conversation.


Given the ease of finding the perfect emojis to use in a conversation, you’ll probably find yourself using new emojis rather than sticking to the usual that are easy to find.

A third new feature that has yet to be released to the stable version of WhatsApp is Night Mode. You’ve probably heard of this feature, but this one is way different from what you already know about Night Mode. The typical Night Mode feature is used to make it easy on your eyes when reading stuff on your phone at night, but this one is here to improve the photos that are captured via WhatsApp when in low-light conditions.

The Night Mode feature has been added to the app’s camera feature, where you will now see a new button that allows users of WhatsApp to enhance the quality of photos captured at night. So far, the feature has made its debut on iOS, with those on Android expected to join the party sooner or later. Unlike the other two features, this Night Mode is still in beta and as such, you must be using the beta version in order to enjoy it on your phone.