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Samsung is the global leader when it comes to smartphone shipments and due to the huge number of people using Galaxy phones out there, the company usually finds it hard to guarantee software updates to all devices out there.

Just like any other Android OEM, Samsung usually prioritizes its high-end phones when it comes to major software updates while leaving out the entry-level phones. However, things have been changing lately, with a number of low-end and midrange phones receiving updates to Android Marshmallow and the latest Android Nougat as well.

With this in mind, many users of Samsung Galaxy phones might be asking themselves if their phones will indeed be updated to the upcoming Android O when it is made official later in August. To help you answer this question, we have prepared a possible list of all Samsung phones that are guaranteed to receive the new OS, be it before the end of this year or well into 2018.

Looking at what Samsung has previously done with its handsets as far as software updates are concerned, it’s easy to pick a number of phones that will receive Android O. The company usually rolls out two major OS upgrades to its high-end phones while the budget and midrange phones can only be promised of one major OS upgrade.

From this deduction, we can guarantee you that the newest members of the Galaxy S series – Galaxy S8 and S8+ – will receive the update to Android O probably before this year comes to a conclusion. The soon to be released Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 Active will also be updated to the new OS once it’s ready. Users of Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 Active are also on the list of those guaranteed to receive the update to Android O.

samsung galaxy s7

Given that the likes of Samsung Galaxy A7 2016, Galaxy A5 2016 and Galaxy A3 2016 have been receiving the update to Android 7.0 Nougat, those who bought their successors will also be sure of receiving the update to Android O later this year or in early 2018. We also know that Samsung will release the Galaxy Note 7 FE on July 7 and while the OS comes preinstalled with Android Nougat out of the box, buyers of the refurbished Note 7 can be sure of receiving the new OS alongside the Galaxy S8 and S7 family.



As noted earlier, midrange Samsung Galaxy phones usually receive one major OS upgrade. If this is the case, those who are using the likes of Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, Galaxy C7 Pro and even the Galaxy J7 Prime can also be sure of getting Android O at some point in future, but this could possibly happen in 2018. Also, the likes of Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 and Galaxy J7 2017 should receive the update in future, but the story could be different as far as the J3 2017 is concerned.

There are other Sammy phones that may or may not get the upcoming Android O and among them are the Galaxy J5 2016 and J7 2016, the Galaxy A9 Pro, and the Galaxy A8 2016. The reason behind this is these have already received one major upgrade, which makes it uncertain whether they’ll receive another upgrade or not.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S6 series handset from 2015, well, don’t expect to see Android O coming your way because the trio, including the Galaxy S6 Active, has already received two major OS upgrades. The story is the same as far as the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy A 2016 series are concerned.

This list is not provided by Samsung, rather, it’s based on past history of how the Korean company handles software updates. It’s possible that there could be changes here and there, but don’t expect any miracle to happen here.

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