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As fans were fuming over the lack of updates to Pokémon GO, Niantic answered with a heavy influx of them over the past couple of days. There have been exciting changes to Pokémon Go, such as the gym raids.  However, there are still a couple of issues and players have voiced their opinions.

Gym Raids

Let’s start with the negative responses that have been discussed over social media. As you can tell from the tweet below, some of these updates still have bugs and glitches. Whether it’s getting kicks out of the gym by accident or something much more difficult.

This comment was from a trainer who was having a bit of trouble with new gym setup. That issue still seems to be prevalent today and is by far the biggest focus of criticism.

Alan Kagan is an active Pokémon GO player who has started a successful, local Discord for the game in Connecticut. The Discord has 149 assigned users who have been organizing groups to cooperatively take on raids.

Kagan has some very strong feelings about the new updates and gave us some of his pros and cons since the latest update.

– Enhanced and refreshing updates to gym battles.
– Addition of TMs allow you to re-roll moves to train Pokémon you always dreamed of.
– Stacked gyms that were difficult to take down are no longer an issue.
– Gym Raids feature adds a new and welcomed social aspect to what was becoming a stale game.
– Gym badges allow you to see where you have been, and what areas you have played in. Allows for collecting unique badges from around the world while you become the very best.

– Many bugs have gone unresolved: death loop, glitchy dodging, tracking, app crashing when PoGo Plus runs in the background, excessive battery drain, GPS Drift and spoofing.
– While social interactions are now more important than ever with the new raid issue, there is no way to socialize in game to get the support you need to take that dreaded Blastoise boss down.
– Coins earned for defending are said to be “subject to change” leaving players wondering what is going on?
– With new gym update, players in rural, stagnant, team dominated areas lose out on their coin rewards while players in urban, ever changing communities will never hold gyms long enough to reach the daily limit without dedicating hours into strategically taking gyms.
– The game is migrating from a free to play to a pay to play game, causing those who enjoyed the free to play aspects to either quit, work twice as hard in their already hectic days, or pay to play.
– CP is less important than it has ever been. With Pokémon losing the same percent of motivation per battle while defending a gym, all that stardust used to max them out seems all but wasted. CP only helps with taking down raid bosses, and even then can prove useless with the wrong move set.

This statement sums up the overall consensus from players on social media. That being said, there isa new found excitement surrounding this game. It has been missing for a very long time and it has captured a bit of that feeling we all got when the game was first released.

YouTubers like Trnrtips Tips, Mystic7 and many more have expressed newly found excitement over the additions to the game. They have even produced digital content sharing their excitement over the gym raids, while teaming up to defeat some of the bosses. They, like many players, will also be attending Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago at Grant park.

The festival will celebrate the one year anniversary of the mobile game and all of the records it has broken since being released. There will also be some special surprises for players. Among the surprises is the highly speculated release of Legendary Pokémon that have been missing from the game.

Speculation began to rise as an image of a special “legendary egg” has surfaced on the net. Niantic has not confirmed that this will be a part of the event but players seem highly convinced that this will be the moment they have been waiting for for quite some time.

There is no doubt that the gym raid system breathed new life into this game. It has also inspired players to team up no matter what squad you represent. Trainers are now exploring and making friends at an extraordinary pace making Pokémon Go great again.

As Pokémon Go Fest nears, we’ll have an update on how the event went, what it entailed and whether or not it was another successful notch in Niantic’s belt. For now, keep on training and exploring. You never know what you may run into in the wild.