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Numerous leaks and reports that have been doing rounds all over the internet in the past few weeks can confirm that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will indeed ship with a dual-lens camera on the back.

To add more weight on this development, Samsung has just showcased a new ISOCELL dual camera sensor at the MWC 2017 Shanghai, which all but puts to bed all the doubts about the possibility of the Galaxy Note 8 debuting with a dual-lens camera. Of course, Sammy has not said a thing about this development, but everything seems to be making sense now.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Dual Camera

We’ve also heard a great deal of things about this new camera system that Samsung has just announced – things that are promising one of the best photography experiences on the Galaxy Note 8 once it comes out in a few weeks’ time. According to someone close to the company, those who buy the Note 8 will be impressed with the image quality of the phone. In addition, the same insider notes that the phone will deliver a better background defocus when used in portrait mode as compared to the many smartphones out there that rock a dual-lens setup.

The dual-lens camera craze started to mature in 2016, with just about every major name in the smartphone industry giving it a shot. We’ve seen the setups on the Huawei P9 and this year’s P10, the same happened with the LG G5, LG V20 and the latest LG G6. OnePlus also recently joined the party with a setup of its own and there are many other OEMs that have adopted this camera technology not only on their flagships, but also on midrange phones.

Apple also joined the party with the iPhone 7 Plus and the same story is expected to continue when the iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 8 come out later this year. Given that the 2016 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was a top performer in this area compared to the iPhone 7 Plus despite the fact that the former only features a single camera setup, the incoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to blow away any competition that comes its way, including that of the iPhone 8.

The Note 8 is rumored to come with two lenses that rock 13 megapixels, where one will be an RGB sensor and the other a Monochrome sensor. The aperture will stop at f/2.0 on one sensor with the other possibly going after the same f/1.7 used on the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Features such as OIS will also be available to ensure that the camera of the Galaxy Note 8 delivers improved sharpness while at the same time cutting on the noise in the shots.

While it’s obvious that the iPhone 8 will also come with an improved dual-camera setup compared to the iPhone 7 Plus, the details of what plans Apple has in order to achieve this are still unclear. Still, looking at what Samsung has been able to achieve with a single-lens camera on the Galaxy S7 and S8, you can be sure that the dual-lens setup on the Galaxy Note 8 will indeed blow away the competition in style.

Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 8

Other rumored features of the Galaxy Note 8 include a 6.3-inch Infinity Display with a QHD+ resolution, an Exynos 8895 processor or Snapdragon 836 paired with 6GB RAM and 64GB of expandable storage and a decent 3300mAh battery unit with support for Quick Charge technology. As opposed to what rumors have been pointing at, the fingerprint scanner is expected to remain on the back panel and the iris scanner will also be there alongside standard connectivity options such as USB-C and 3.5mm audio jack.