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WhatsApp keeps its family of more than 1.2 billion people happy by constantly rolling out new features every now and then.

In the latest update, the chat app has some really cool features for you, especially if you are the type who has clumsy fingers and always engaged in multitasking activities on your phone that contribute to accidentally sending unintended messages to people you didn’t want to send these messages to.

Earlier this month, we had reported that WhatsApp is testing a nifty feature that will allow users to recall or rather unsend messages they’ve accidentally sent to certain people. At the time, the feature had been spotted in the beta version, but as always, it wasn’t available to all users of the beta version as well.

WhatsApp Unsend Messages

However, according to the latest reports, this feature is now rolling out to all users of the WhatsApp, which means you can now delete those messages you accidentally sent to someone in your contacts list before they can actually get a chance to open and read them.

Whether it is a text, image, GIF, audio, video, document, status reply or even a quoted message, this feature now lets you recall the message to escape those embarrassments associated with such mistakes. However, this feature will not work in all conditions. When the person receiving the message is online and immediately opens the message to read it once it’s been delivered, anything you do won’t delete this message from their phone.

Just in case the recipient is not around to receive the message, well, you will have just five minutes to change your mind and recall the message, which is a pretty decent time to realize that you had made a wrong choice by sending the message to them in the first place. After this five-minutes period expires, you will no longer have this option to recall the message and thus the person will still receive the message when they turn on their WhatsApp or rather data.

Another feature that is on its way coming to the main WhatsApp version is a redesigned call interface. The Facebook-owned app is currently testing this new feature in the beta version and it should make its way to the stable version in the coming weeks, if not days. Also, the current beta version is testing the ability to share all types of media files, a feature that should be available to everyone very soon.

WhatsApp on iOS

Those using WhatsApp on iOS have already received the ability to share photos as albums or rather, sharing of multiple photos will result in an automatic album being created in the thread, where you only get to see a preview of four of the photos shared. In the current stable version, when you share more than four photos, they’ll simply appear in a list – one after the other. However, those in the beta channel will see the photos as a single message that appears with four photos in the preview and when you tap on the preview, the other images in the album will be opened for you to check them out.

Similar to the other features in the beta channel, we don’t know when these ones will hit the stable version of WhatsApp, but it won’t be long before it happens, especially since iOS users are already enjoying the feature on their iPhones.