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As smartphone buyers become more inclined towards crazy hardware specs and features, and so are companies making these phones.

Less than five years ago, you’d be considered a lucky person to have a phone that is powered by a RAM of 2GB. Fast forward to 2017, every smartphone owner wants a phone that has 4GB RAM and beyond, however, OnePlus doesn’t think so.

Just in case you missed it, the Chinese OEM has just unveiled the new OnePlus 5 smartphone. Like last year’s OnePlus 3 and 3T, the phone has a huge 6GB RAM on board. This is not strange, considering that there are quite a good number of smartphones out there – mostly in China – that pack a similar RAM module.

OnePlus 5 need 8GB of RAM

In fact, Samsung, the leading smartphone seller in the world, had to join this craze at some point towards the end of last year with a Galaxy C9 Pro that came with a massive 6GB RAM. When the company released the 2017 Galaxy S8 and S8+, the high-end variant of the latter model was also blessed with a 6GB RAM module on some variants.

A number of other smartphone makers have since followed suit, talk of HTC with the U11 and recently LG with a new G6+, which also comes with a massive 128GB storage. In short, it seems that many OEMs have bought the idea that a smartphone, for it to be considered a flagship in 2017, must have a RAM of 6GB and possibly beyond.

OnePlus, the company that popularized this 6GB RAM craze, has now taken the same story to the next level with a variant of the OnePlus 5 that boasts a RAM of 8GB. Just so you know, this is not the only phone that has been confirmed with such a huge package. At the CES 2017 back in January, ASUS did the unthinkable when it announced the ZenFone AR with a RAM of 8GB.

As for the ZenFone AR’s case, it’s a little justifiable given that this phone has quite a lot to offer. The phone is the actually the first to come with support for Google’s Tango (AR) and Daydream (VR) in a single package. For these technologies to work seamlessly, it can be argued that ASUS had the good reasons to include such a huge RAM module in the phone.

With what OnePlus 5 has to offer in terms of features (there’s no confirmed support for VR, AR or any other resource-intensive technologies), there’s nothing that justifies the company’s inclusion of an 8GB RAM on one of the phone’s variants, really. Looking at how snappy the OnePlus 3T performs tasks, it is true to say that having 6GB of RAM in 2017 is still reasonable. At the same time, but looking at how Google Pixel and Pixel XL handle the same tasks, albeit with support for VR, you’ll also agree that there’s really no need to have a phone with more than 4GB of RAM, rather, it’s about how good companies get with their software.

OnePlus 5

If you are an avid techy, you must have read somewhere that last year, OnePlus somehow limited the RAM usage on the OnePlus 3. As noted, this phone came with 6GB of RAM and to prove that a phone doesn’t need such a huge package, the company even made sure that the 3 doesn’t take advantage of the entire package. Of course, this was later rectified, but don’t be surprised if an almost similar case happens with the 8GB RAM variant of the new OnePlus 5.

Going for the 6GB/64GB variant of this OnePlus 5 at $479 is an ideal choice, but if you are the kind who simply wants to boast about having a phone with 8GB of RAM – just for the sake of it – well, the $539 model is still a great choice.