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Not so long ago, Facebook came out with a detailed blog post on how it combats the spread of terrorist propaganda on the giant social networking platform and as it is, Google has just joined the party.

Social networking companies have been at odds with many governments due to what is termed as creating a safe place where terror groups spread their religion. Facebook, for instance, has billions of users and apparently, many terrorists have been using the platform to reach out to sympathizers with their extremist messages.

Google joins Facebook War on Terror

According to the tech giant, it has employed a series of AI-based techniques aimed at nailing down these groups and individuals as well in a bid to prevent any further spread of such propaganda. The company also mentioned that it has employed over 150 people from different governments, NGOs as well as security agencies to help track down these people and bring them down.

Now, in a similar attempt, Google has also vowed to crack down on these groups who have been using one of the company’s most popular products to spread this religion – YouTube. Like Facebook, YouTube has a huge user base and through it, users can create videos and audios and share them with the millions of people who enjoy using the platform on a regular basis.

The search engine giant says that it is now putting together more resources to ensure that it tames any spread of hate-mongering videos and extremism over YouTube. In the recent past, there have been a series of attacks that police all over believe that are driven by acts of terror and as a result, Google is ready to join in pinning down the responsible persons in four ways.

Similar to what Facebook is already doing, the search engine company says that it’s ready to put lots of investments in artificial intelligence. With this technology, the Google is adamant that it will get more effective in identifying extremist content shared on YouTube channels. Apparently, the company also employs people to help crackdown these accounts and to make this process even much better, it will be doubling the numbers so that it gets easier to flag any inappropriate content published on YouTube.

Of course, this is not an easy task for the individuals involved in tracking down this inappropriate content. It’s easy to come across videos that are not in clear violation of YouTube policies but have the capability of creating religious or any other forms of tensions. In order to handle such cases, the tech giant says that it will be issuing viewers with some form of warning just before the video loads so that the person watching it is made aware of what they are about to watch. The company says that such content will still be hosted on its servers, but it won’t be used by the account owners to generate any kind of revenue, including showing of ads.

Lastly, Google says that it will be promoting any videos that are published on YouTube with an aim of speaking out against hate and extremism as well as target anti-radicalization ads to those that may be vulnerable to joining these terror groups.

Google joins Facebook

These are good moves by Google in trying to respond to criticism that has been directed towards the company and other tech companies for doing little to combat the spread of hate and terrorist propaganda. France and the UK, for instance, have been open with their intentions of punishing tech companies that do little to support the fight against terror. In fact, a good number of firms have cut their advertising efforts on YouTube after finding out that their ads are displayed alongside extremist content on the video sharing application and potentially acting as a source of income for these terror groups.

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