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WhatsApp, just like many other applications, runs a beta program where it tests out new features before rolling them out to mainstream users.

WhatsApp beta users are usually able to gain access to new features and updates that may take weeks or even months for other ordinary users of the same app to receive. This has led to many people opting to jump into the beta program, but like any other beta program, the versions here are usually not stable.

WhatsApp beta

Now, if you are a WhatsApp user on Microsoft’s Windows Phone, there’s an update for you rolling out as at the time of this writing. The update was pushed a few days ago but as usual, it takes time before everyone gets the same treat.

There’s nothing new for those who have been using the app in beta. In fact, what is happening here is that the Facebook-owned app is now moving some of the features that have been available in beta and making them available in the Windows Store version. The latest version of WhatsApp comes with number and one of the most notable features it brings is the ability to share live location.

Already available in Facebook Messenger, Windows Phone users of WhatsApp can now enjoy the same privilege. Once the new version of the app is installed, they’ll be able to share their live locations with friends, but this will only be for a limited period of time. Whether it’s a single chat or a group chat, it is now possible to share your current location so that one can easily find you with the help of a digital map.

This is not all that you get from the new WhatsApp update. Apparently, those who jump onto the new version will also be able to pin chats on top of the chat list so that they can easily be accessible regardless of the situation. This means that even if a new message comes from a different contact, it will appear below the pinned chats. In short, pinning chats is a simple way of giving top priority to specific conversations, be it an individual or a group.

WhatsApp users are also expected to receive more updates in the coming days. One of the leading features that has been in the beta version for quite some time now is the recall feature. It has been coming for a while now and according to reports, the app’s version 2.17.30 and above will bring this feature to mainstream users.

Once enabled, WhatsApp users will be able to unsend messages they feel they shouldn’t have sent to whoever they sent it to. If you have at some point mistakenly sent your mum or dad a message that you did not intend them to see, well, this feature will indeed be a handy one for you. One thing you need to know is that you will only have a five minute window to recall sent messages, otherwise, they will still be there when your dad opens his WhatsApp to check out unread messages.

Also, you need to note that if the person you mistakenly sent a message to is online, your efforts of recalling the sent message will be futile, unless the person doesn’t read the message immediately. The feature will only be viable in cases where the message has not been read.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

WhatsApp users will also be able to add some filters to their images before sharing them with friends, the Instagram or Snapchat way, as well as report spam messages and/or callers to the company’s support team. These features are still in beta and they should be available in the stable version in the coming days.

Meanwhile, make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of WhatsApp on your Windows Phone by visiting the official Windows Store on your phone right away.

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