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The latest leaks show the back cover of the Xiaomi Mi6 Plus. The Xiaomi Mi6 Plus is the bigger version of the Mi6.

The Plus version of the Xiaomi Mi6 was supposed to be launched along with the XiaomiMi 6 in April this year. However, there is no news regarding when the Xiaomi Mi6 Plus will be released.

Comparison of Back Covers

Here’s an image showing the comparison of the back covers of the Xiaomi Mi6 and the Xiaomi Mi6 Plus.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus

As you will notice, the design on the Xiaomi Mi6 Plus is similar to the one on the Xiaomi Mi6, as far as the back cover is concerned. There are three cutouts present on the upper left corner. This is for the dual cameras as well as the dual, LED flash of the phones. It is also seen that the curves are present on its sides.

The Difference

However, there is a difference between the siblings. Whenever there is a Plus version, it comes with a larger display screen, a larger battery and also better storage options.

Specs Compared

When comparing the specs of the Xiaomi Mi6 with the Xiaomi Mi6 Plus, the smaller sibling comes with a 5.15 inches display, whereas the Plus version will be sporting a bigger display of 5.7 inches.  The resolution on the screen of the Xiaomi Mi6 Plus will be 1920 x 1080, according to leaked specs. This will make the Xiaomi Mi6 Plus more like a phablet than a smartphone.

Other specifications of the Mi6 Plus will probably be similar to the Mi6 smartphone. The Snapdragon 835 will power the Mi7 Plus and it will have a graphics card, Adreno 540 GPU.  This will be combined with a RAM of 6 GB and an internal storage of 64 GB/128GB. The camera will be a dual setup and comes with a 12 MP sensor for the rear camera and an 8 MP sensor for the selfie camera on the front. The battery of the Plus version will be powered at 4500 mAh and it will come loaded with the Android Nougat OS version, based on the MI userinterface 8.

The 12 MP sensor will be the IMX362.

Other Features

The Xiaomi Mi6Plus will be equipped with a 18W quick charger. The connectivity features of the upcoming phablet include Bluetooth, along with GPS and NFC as well as WiFi etc.

Bigger is Better

Though the Xiaomi Mi6 has met with good response from users and fans, many users feel that the 5.1 inches screen display of the device is rather small. Those requiring a bigger screen will have to wait for the release of the Xiaomi Mi6Plus. However, the Mi6 Plus is similar to its smaller sibling as far as the camera layout and the ports are concerned.

Xiaomi Mi6 Plus Leaks

The dual camera setup as well as the four curves design remains the same for both the devices. However, the size differs, with the Mi6 Plus coming in 5.5 inches. This might prove to be more popular with fans. It is speculated that the price of the Xiaomi Mi6 Plus will be a little more, as it is the Plus version.

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