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WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular internet messaging platform in the world today. When it first came out in 2009, it pioneered the way we sent text messages to each other. Over the years, more and more people have ended up falling in love with it and today, WhatsApp has even surpassed normal texting for most. Here are some of the amazing WhatsApp tricks that you might not have known about.

Using Siri to Read, Reply and Send Messages

One of the most convenient features of an iPhone is Siri. By simply using your voice, you can perform numerous functions using voice commands. iOS users can use Siri to read and reply to WhatsApp messages by simply commanding Siri to do it for them.However, as you haven’t physically clicked on the chat, the sender will not know whether or not you have read the message.

Writing in Bold, Italic or Using Strike-through

If you want to add some flair to your writing, you can actually use bold, italic and even strikethrough your words. For both iOS and Android, you just have to add an asterisk on either sides of the word or phrase to make them bold. Adding an underscore on either side will make it italic while adding a tide on both sides will make it strikethrough.

Bold:  *Word*

Italic:  _Word_

Strikethrough: ~Word~

Read Chat Reminder

Sometimes when we are busy, we might see that single WhatsApp notification pop up and read it only to forget to reply to it later. There is a way, however to fix this problem.  If you are an iOS user, simply go to chats, then swipe left to right and choose “Mark as Unread”. If you use an Android phone, then long press on chat and choose “Menu” where you can click on “Mark as Unread”.

Hiding the Blue Ticks

Sometimes you want to read the messages without showing the sender that you saw it. Most may not know this but there is a way to do just that. This particular function can be turned off by going to settings and then choosing accounts. In the accounts option, you have to choose privacy and then untick the read receipts option.  But if you do so, then you won’t be able to know who reads your messages.

Setting Data Allowance Limits

If you use WHatsApp constantly, then you know the issue of your internet data being eaten away from the hundreds of pictures and videos being sent to you daily. Good news is that you can actually customize the option so that you can choose whether a media file should be automatically downloaded or if it requires your permission first. For both Android and iOS users, just go to settings and select “Data Usage”.


Shortcuts for Specific Conversations

All of us have a few special people in our lives with whom we constantly communicate with. You can create a shortcut for the conversations you have with these people on the homepage of your mobile. However, this function only exists for Android users currently. To do this, go to your chats and click on the specific chat. Once you are inside the chat screen, select “Menu” and then choose “More”. You will see an “Add Shortcut” option. Click on it and that chat will be available in the form of a shortcut on your mobile home page.

Bookmark Important Conversations

With so many messages going in and out every day, it can get hard to keep track of important information like dates or place to meet someone etc. By bookmarking specific messages, you can access them anytime from the “Starred Messages” section in the main menu. To bookmark messages, you have to go to the message you want, double tap or hold down and press the star symbol.

With these neat tricks, you can not only enjoy a lot of convenience but also enhance your messaging experience.