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WhatsApp is getting a pair of new features that are aimed at making life of the more than 1.2 billion people using the app a lot easier and more fun.

The features are specifically designed to encourage WhatsApp users to share more photos through the app, something that should be a welcome idea at a time when photos have taken over the smartphone as the main means of communication. As at the time of this writing, the update is already available for those using WhatsApp on iOS, but it won’t be long before those on Android get the same treat.


With this update, the messaging app now lets you select from a set of filters that can be applied on photos before sharing them. If you are on Instagram, you already know about this. The photo and video sharing app lets users apply filters to photos before sharing them and since both apps are owned by Facebook, it makes sense that WhatsApp is also joining the party.

The Facebook-owned chat app not only lets you apply filters to photos before sharing them, but these filters can also be applied to GIFs and videos before you share them with friends. Although a bit surprising, this update is seemingly aimed at the younger generation that is so much into the app. So far, there are five filters available for those who wish to join the fun – Film, Cool, Chrome, Pop and B&W. However, the expectation is that the tech giant will come in with more of these filters to make the feature even more enjoyable.

In addition to these filters, WhatsApp users will also be able to organize their photos in a much better way than before. Previously, photos in a conversation or thread were usually stacked on top of the other, something that meant the latest text messages were pushed way out of view. But with the updated version of WhatsApp, users will see multiple photos that they’ve shared appearing within a much more compact grid.

This feature is a cool addition to those who usually share multiple images in a single thread. Where the images that won’t be able to appear in the said grid, they’ll be represented by a plus (+) symbol alongside a number located in the bottom-right corner. Once more, this update makes the latest version of WhatsApp look more like Instagram, but as noted earlier, both apps are owned by Facebook.

This is not all as far as the new WhatsApp update is concerned. The new version has also introduced a new shortcut functionality where users will be able to rely to specific messages by simply swiping it. This is a handy addition to those in groups that people are very active and you want to respond to a specific message in the same thread. Usually, users are able to reply to specific messages by long-tapping on the said message and then tap on the reply icon, but this hassle will be no more.

As noted at the beginning, these new additions are now rolling out to WhatsApp for iOS users, but it doesn’t mean that Android users won’t receive the same treat. It’s usual business for new features to come to iOS users first before hitting the popular Android family. In short, it won’t be long before this same treat heads the Android way.

WhatsApp Update

In another separate development, WhatsApp will soon enable the “Recall” feature that lets users delete messages after they share them with friends. Whether it’s a text, photo, image, GIF, document, quoted message or maybe a Status reply – as long as it’s within a five-minute window, the feature will be applicable.Apparently, this feature will be enabled in version 2.17.30 and above, WABetaInfo notes.