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Apple has unveiled several changes to the app store resulting in 6 top takeaways for developers, from the WWDC 2017.

For the past few years, Apple has been announcing new versions of Xcode as well as services for the App store. However, at the WWDC 2017, the company has outdone itself.

Enhancements for Developers

Apple has revealed several outstanding changes for the App Store, which will mean that it will improve the way in which users access an application. It will also mean a substantial improvement in the way developers offer a page in the App store. Developers offering apps for the iTunes App store and those who create the software for the operating systems, such as the iOS, the macOS, the watchOS and the tvOS will have a lot to look forward to.

Apple Announcement at WWDC

Xcode 9

The new Xcode 9 is the latest version of the Xcode. It offers a brand new version of the Xcode and the source code has been written using Swift. Developers will find this change one of the most important ones, as it brings with it several additional features and offers support for Swift code formats, edits and refactoring.

Upgrade for Apps 

The Xcode 9 will offer an integrated environment to developers and help them in building improved apps for the iOS, the MacOS, the watch OS and the tvOS. The beta version of this XCode 9 was offered during the early part of this week.

Host of Improvements 

The Xcode 9 will bring in other enhancements, such as debugging and refactoring. It will also offer GPU support, making the features of find and replace better. Scrolling will be faster in case of all file sizes and users will be able to access com tasks more easily, according to Apple. In addition, there is a new navigator for source control, used to view tags and branches as well as a remote repository in workspaces.

Top Highlights of Xcode 9 

  • Quick Indexing features while building a project
  • Build system in Swift, enhancing caching and reducing build times
  • Support for GitHub as well as GitHub enterprise, with the complete working copy being display. Developers can make branch updates inside Source Inspector.
  • Hints offered when the Xcode finds the UI code running on any other thread other than the main one.
  • The iOS simulator offers support for several devices that are booted.

Swift 4.0

Apple also unveiled the Swift 4.0 during the WWDC 2017. With this new version, code conversion has been eliminated in case of Swift 3.x projects in the Xcode 9. This has been done by the creation of the Swift 3.2, allowing the present Swift 3.0 projects to build without problems using the Xcode 9.

Smoother Transition

There will be some additional work involved when moving to the Swift 4.0 conversion. This will result in additional language features along with enhanced performance. However, the transition to Swift 4.0 will not be as difficult as the one face while moving from Swift 2.x to the Swift 3.0.

Apple WWDC 17

App Store Overhaul 

Developers have been demanding changes to the App store for several years and Apple is offering this change now. The iOS 11 will come with a brand new App Store. It will contain developer interviews in the apps, with games and other apps being separated.

Developers will get more control on the appearance of apps in the App Store. Users can customize the pages using iTunes Connect. They can add videos or in app purchases as well. The biggest change is that developers can create phased releases of an application, meaning that they can fix the devices receiving the app while submitting updates. This will enable better infrastructure testing and result in a positive roll out of the update.

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