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WhatsApp, the most popular text communication app in the world, added new features in their latest update. These new features are coming fresh after the Snapchat-esque image updates we saw a few months ago. It seems that the text communication app giant seems to be moving towards a more visual experience for its users.

Whatsapp now got three new features, namely filters, automatic albums and reply shortcuts for iOS in the latest 2.17.30 update. With other apps coming up with new visual features, WHatsApp have decided to put their name back in the race to become more relevant to the changing times. With Instagram and Snapchat duking it out for supremacy, these new features might just push WHatsApp to the forefront. The current three features being added for iOS users are

Filters – iOS users can now rejoice with the new filters such as pop, black and white, cool, chrome and film. These new filters will be available for both the status feature as well as the WhatsApp camera. Users can apply them to videos, photos and even GIFs and share the results amongst their contact list. Moreover, files that already existed on the smartphone can also be edited. These filters can be accessed through a single swipe motion upwards on the chosen image.

Albums – Users can now benefit from photos and videos on WHatsApp getting automatically grouped into an album for better convenience. The new album feature will contain a tile layout for the media files so as to create a more intuitive experience for the user. This also makes it easier to know which media files had been sent together. One aspect where this new feature really shines is in de-cluttering the chat since earlier the various media files used to inconveniently come in between conversations.

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Reply Shortcuts–With this feature, users can now reply to specific messages by simply swiping on it. By doing so, the selected message will be brought to the bottom of the chat window where it will be more convenient to reply. This is a god send for teens and group chats where messages get sent so fast, most of them end up getting buried under new messages. Earlier, one had to click on the message they want to reply to and keep it pressed to reply. Now, with a single intuitive swipe, users can reply quickly and get back to their conversations.

These new features are available for iOS users in the latest update. While no timeline has been set for these features to come on to Android, you can be assured that they will be coming soon. With the new update, WHatsApp have brought themselves more in line with apps such as Instagram and Facebook who had similar updates specific to their brands. With these features not only is WHatsApp trying to appeal more to teens but also to make full use of the increasing bandwidth, screens and camera quality that comes with newer smartphones.

What all bold new features will WhatsApp bring to us? Will they shock us with an even more immersive experience to chatting? There have been talks about introducing an “unsend” feature with the ability to delete texts, images, videos, GIFs, documents within a 5 min window after sending them. While nothing has been confirmed, it is exciting to know such a feature may be coming to us. We all will simply have to wait to find out. But with new technology and better smartphones being made with each passing day, a grand utopia awaits us all.

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