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Microsoft has released some major changes for the latest version of Windows 10, coming with the build number 16215.

For those belonging to the Windows Insider Fast Ring, it is easy to access the latest changes at once. However, others will have to wait for the update to come with the Fall Creators updates for Windows 10, which will arrive a few months later.

Microsoft made the announcement about its Fall Creators Windows 10 update at the developer conference that was held on the 8th of May. Some of the new features include changes in the user interface, with Timeline, a new feature and some changes to the digital assistant, Cortana.

Windows 10


Terry Myerson, the Executive VP of Windows group highlighted the feature known as Timeline. It will allow the user to view a visual timeline displaying what he/she was doing and also when it was done. This will allow the user to pick up a task quickly. Users can begin working on their computers and then continue where they left off when moving to another machine.

Action Center

One of the major changes coming for Windows 10 is that the notification center or the Action center will get a novel appearance. There have been some design changes to this center and it will no appear with different sections meant for applications. The looks is an improved one and the result is that the notifications are now presented in a more coherent manner.

Pinning Favorites

One of the biggest benefits that the new version of Windows 10 will offer to users is that you can now pin up a favorite sit on to the taskbar. After pinning it, you can open it in the Edge browser. The feature has been brought back to Windows 10, as many Microsoft Windows 10 users have given a feedback requesting it.

Improved Animations

Another improvement brought about by the update to Windows 10 is that the animations connected with new tabs for Edge have been enhanced. This will result in making them faster.

Cortana Improved

Cortana will also be improved and the digital assistant will now be able to offer prompts in the form of reminders. Cortana can scan an image after the user has granted the required permission and then prompt the user. Such prompts can be very useful in case of events and so on. For instance, if the user takes a picture of some poster, the digital assistant will be able to form a reminder.

Another new feature in Cortana is a lasso that allows the user to take a stylus and make a circle around a particular content in order to create a reminder for an event.

Synchronizing Desktop with Phone

Cortana will now be able to understand when the user is working on a different device, whether it is a smartphone or a PC. You can oof off on the desktop and work on the document on your phone. Cortana will ask the user whether he/she wants to pick up where they had left off, in the app, the document or in the website. According to Myerson, it is like having your smartphone and your desktop complete each other’s sentence.

This will allow the user to work on his phone while on the go and then pick up the work at the computer in his home.

Microsoft Windows 10

Changes to OneDrive

The new update to Microsoft Windows 10 will also bring some changes to the OneDrive, to improve file access. There is also a new clipboard enabling users to copy the content in a device and then paste the content in another device. Apple is already offering this function through what is called the Universal Clipboard.

In short, the new update will make Windows 10 look very different due to the Fluent Design offering a common user interfaces on several user devices.

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