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The announcement thatPokémon GO trainers have been waiting for is here. The Pokémon GO App’s official Twitter page announced new upcoming features and events to celebrate the game’s first anniversary.

“We’re celebrating two amazing milestones—Pokémon GO’s one-year anniversary and 750 million global downloads—and you’re invited to join in on the fun! Over the next few months, we’re hosting real-world and in-game events planned alongside some very exciting new features that will get you outside exploring the world with family and friends,” read the opening statement for the announcement.

This means that it’s not just one month of updates and events, the game is preparing for longevity. The announcement means that players will have plenty to look forward to this summer and beyond.

Solstice Event Confirmed

Pokémon GO has officially confirmed the Solstice event that was leaked earlier on in the week. The full details of the event haven’t been released but the event will in fact start next week.

“To kick things off, we will be hosting the Solstice Event starting on June 13, 2017,” read the announcement.

“This in-game event will feature Fire-type and Ice-type Pokémon, huge XP bonuses for throwing Poké Balls accurately, and discounted Lucky Eggs in the in-game shop.”

It’s expected that a more in-depth announcement will come closer to the event’s start date.

Gym Rework Confirmed

The mobile game also confirmed that a gym rework is coming in the next couple of weeks.

“Soon thereafter, you can look forward to a new update focused on collaborative group gameplay features that will get you playing Pokémon GO in fun new ways,” read the statement.

“In preparation for these exciting features, we’ll be temporarily disabling Gyms for a short period of time.”

Disabling the gyms will help developers work on a rework that is looking to inspired cooperative gameplay. While this is the biggest gym feature announced, it is expected that there will be a little more to it.

As for when the disabling will occur, well, the Italian version of the press release mentioned the gym shutdown will take place on June 16. Not to worry, your favorite gym-defenders will return to you which means a fresh, leveled playing field is yet to come.

Massive In-Game Events To Come

That’s not all folks, there’s plenty more where that came from. The company is finally getting ready to release In-Game events that are location specific.

“We’re also excited to announce our first ever real-world Pokémon GO event coming your way: Pokémon GO Fest Chicago! This event will take place in downtown Chicago, Illinois, USA at the beautiful Grant Park on July 22, 2017,” according to the release.

“Join us as we celebrate the Pokémon GO community with a ton of exciting festivities. Tickets and more information for Pokémon GO Fest Chicago will be available at on Monday, June 19 at 10:00 A.M. PDT, so make sure to mark your calendars and follow our social media channels to be notified when tickets go live!”

Pokémon GO being global game, has also made sure that they included events for the rest of the world.

“European Trainers can look forward to Pokémon GO celebrations hosted across the continent from June through September in partnership with Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers. We’ll be posting a complete schedule for these events very soon,” read the statement.

“Also, The Pokémon Company is organizing ‘Pikachu Outbreak’, a Pokémon event in Yokohama, Japan, in August where they’re exploring a unique Pokémon GO experience. Stay tuned for even more details surrounding each of these events in the coming weeks.”

As sponsors continue to grow their presence in the game, expect more of these events to come in the future.

Niantic and Pokémon GO Steps Up

In the face of harsh criticism, Niantic has stepped up to the challenge. They have stepped up to the standards that players held them to. With this announcement they prove that they do in fact, care about their game.

The company made up for what fans felt was a disappointing update. They also made up for the lack of an announcement from Pokémon Go Direct.

This announcement breeds new excitement and what sounds like quite the enjoyable gaming experience to come. There has been no mention of generation three, however, fans should take this as a win.

Unfortunately, there is no way to prepare for the updates without further explanation. In the meantime, fans can occupy their time with the Solstice event and just get out and enjoy the game.

Pokémon GO is getting interesting and the hype may be at an all time high. We expect plenty of players to return to the game after the rework is added. The competition may be stronger than ever, so prepare your best monsters. Are you excited for these new additions?