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If you’re a big fan of Pokémon Sun and Moon and Pokkén Tournament then today was awesome. If you’re a Pokémon Go fan, this may be one of the most disappointing days ever.

Pokémon Go’s Simple Update

Pokémon Go was recently updated to version 0.63.4 for Android and 1.33.4 for iOS and all players got were minor bug fixes. At least it was better than minor text fixes right? No. This update did not bring what players were expecting from the game and they made their opinions known on social media.

Fans are at a loss as to why there hasn’t been a major change in the game such as PvP or even the introduction of another generation. The news of the Fire and Ice event leak was much more promising. However, with a lapse in the this recent update, there is no telling if there is any truth to the leak.

Some fans believe that the company has been releasing such events to delay the release of bigger updates. Of course that’s speculation and at this rate it may be a little more on the believable side.

Pokémon Direct Announcement

Pokémon Direct features the latest announcements for everything Pokémon. Nintendo’s show teased a big announcement and trainers were hoping it would be Pokémon Go related.

Those hopes were crushed when Pokémon Go go zero mention. Instead, Nintendo revealed Pokémon Sun and Moon Ultra and a re-release of Pokémon Gold and Silver for the 3DS platform.

They also revealed a Nintendo Switch version of Pokkén Tournament and those were pretty much the highlights from the special episode. Pokémon Go was simply not on the agenda and hopes for many all over were crushed.

Fire & Ice Stall

If the Fire and Ice update does in fact release it would still be an awesome event for players. In the meantime, you would be able to stock up on XP and stardust while catching some elusive Pokémon.

It could up the engagement in the game but how many events will fans have to go through before they see one as big as a Legendary Pokémon release?

Niantic’s moves aren’t sitting well with players yet they continue to make some big promises. Fans have been promised a Legendary summer and it could boil down to a simple technicality.

Summer is not here yet. Summer begins on June 21 which is still almost two weeks away. So, looking at it from a technical view, they are not obligated to release the legendary promise, yet.

If summer does roll around and the game has yet to feature a major update whether it be a gym rework, generation 3 or legendary Pokémon, the company could be taking a drastic step in the wrong direction.

Trainers Are Still Playing

With all of the disappointment that was endured this week, some trainers are still participating in the game. There are plenty of ways to challenge yourself and set your own goals.

Stardust is hard to come by in the game and it can be quite hard to fight the urge of using it. If you’re looking for a challenge, see how much you can stock without caving.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, those with enough stardust to spare and see how many monsters they are able to max out. There are also evolution sprees for XP to level up as plenty of players have yet to meet the level 40 cap.

If you happen to be a big fan of AR technology, Apple revealed some very exciting news that relates to Pokémon Go.

“ARKit will use ‘fast, stable motion tracking,’ as well as scale estimation and ambient lighting estimation for a more immersive version of augmented reality,” according to Polygon.

“In short: Expect a much more realistic, better-looking style of the technology than what is currently on display in Pokémon Go.”

A more immersive experience is something to be excited about but it isn’t what trainers were expecting. That seems to be the pattern with many of the announcements and updates for Pokémon Go.

“Yes! That update is cool but where’s PvP?” is a question that we are seeing all too much over social media, yet players never get an answer.

Niantic has created by far, one of the most successful mobile games ever. They changed the way we look at augmented reality but there is plenty of room for improvement. Rather than focusing on the little fixes, they may want to listen to their fans a bit more.

Could players and critics be eating their words in weeks to come? It’s very much a possibility. In fact, we believe trainers hope that’s the case.