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No one can argue against the fact that WhatsApp is the most used messaging app across the globe, especially when looking at the figures it boasts.

The Facebook-owned app has a massive 1.2+ billion users from all corners of the world. It’s not just the ability of the developers to keep the app as simple and easy as possible, but it’s also their ability to jump in with new features with almost every update that makes WhatsApp a go-to app for every smartphone user.

WhatsApp Messages Schedule

It’s easy to send an instant message on WhatsApp, be it a text, video or even photo. However, you can make this experience even more enjoyable by scheduling these messages such that they reach someone at a specific time. One would be asking themselves why they’d need to schedule messages when WhatsApp is actually meant to be an instant messenger.

Maybe you just need to remind someone something at a given time or your friend has a birthday coming up tomorrow and you literally want to be the first to send her a sweet birthday message at midnight. You don’t need to stay awake up to 12.00AM in order to send this message, rather, you can simply schedule it and WhatsApp will take care of the rest.

So, how do you schedule WhatsApp messages? For starters, you need to know that this trick is not inbuilt. In order to schedule messages on the app, you’ll need a third party app to do this for you. There are several of them available on the Google Play Store, but you might have to shell out a few dollars in order to enjoy full-blown versions of these apps. On the Play Store, you may come across apps such as Scheduler for WhatsApp, WhatsApp Message Scheduler, or maybe Scheduler NO ROOT, just to name but a few.

These are actually the best – and easy to use – you can find out there. You don’t need a rooted device in order for these apps to install and work perfectly. Once you’ve installed, things get pretty easy. Simply head to Settings>Accessibility>WhatsApp Scheduler and turn it on. This is just about everything, for you are now ready to start scheduling messages on the app.

So, the question here is how does one schedule messages on WhatsApp? To do this, you need to launch the newly installed app on your phone. In the home screen, tap the + symbol to create a new message for scheduling. The next page will require that you pick between sending the message to an individual or group contact and then select the exact name of the recipient. This will be followed by a date and time selection, which is when the message will be sent.

The app also gives you room to choose the frequency you want the message to be auto-sent and finally add the message itself. You can have the message to be sent only once, on a daily basis or weekly. You can also pick to send it monthly or annually, which is pretty cool. When done with all of these settings and drafting the message to be sent, you are now free to hit the “Create” tab on the upper end of the screen and the message will be scheduled as stipulated.

A major downside

WhatsApp Scheduler

However cool these WhatsApp schedulers look, there’s one major downside. Apparently, you need to keep the screen unlocked in order for the scheduled message to be sent as stipulated. This means that you shouldn’t have any patterns, PIN or fingerprint lock on your phone, otherwise, the message won’t be sent. It will, however, only be sent once you unlock the screen, even if it’s hours after the preset time.

This looks weird, but it’s all about security as these apps have no privileges to bypass the lock screen and do their thing. But if you can successfully root your device, well, you won’t have to go through this pain.