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Fan criticism and urgency could be forcing Niantic, the games creators, to roll out major updates which would include Legendary Pokemon and generation 3.

Pokemon Go has been receiving a lot of criticism from players due to most players reaching the current heights of the game pretty quickly. At this point in time, many of the available monsters in the game have already been captured by players.

Meanwhile, the gym system has been quite stagnant and doesn’t offer much of a challenge to players. If there is one thing that Pokemon Go players should know is that every stagnant period comes with a big update that gives the game another jolt of life.

Recent reports are claiming that such an update could be coming soon. Mathieu de Fayet, Niantic’s VP of strategic partnerships revealed some key information in a recent interview.

“Due to the large success of the game, we had to delay some planned innovations,” de Fayet said according to IGN.

“Right now we are working on some that are due to hit this summer (in the northern hemisphere), such as giving more value to the choice of the teams, releasing Legendary Pokemon and introducing PvP. One thing we learned with Ingress was that the game can sustain itself if we are able to create social interactions amongst players, and we are working on that.”

Earlier on in the year Niantic CEO John Hanke also revealed that there would be 3 more major updates to hit the game before the end of 2017.

All of these ingredients have sparked rumors that to add a little more excitement to the game, Legendary Pokemon will be rolled out. There is still speculation as to how Niantic would go about doing so.

From the initial trailer prior to the games release in 2016, trainers from all over were in a heated battle with Mewtwo. These images have specifically stuck with players and YouTube personalities such as Mystic7, who believe that it could have been a glimpse into how the company will release legendary Pokemon like Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos and many more.

While that would not likely mean a major update to the game, it would motivate plenty of players to jump right back into the game.

As for the gym battle system, players seemingly want more out of it or the option to battle their friends and other players mono e mono. So, it would likely be a part of one of the bigger updates this year.

In terms of generation three/gen 3, it’s becoming more of a demand from players who have caught all of the available monsters. An influx of Pokemon that came in the last large update for the game brought excitement over all of the new monsters that were being obtained.

As players began to fill up their Pokedex, the demand for more monsters grew. Plenty of players simply enjoy the game for the collectibility factor. Therefore, if there are no new monsters available for them to catch, they simply don’t feel the need to log in to play.

Despite players leaving the game, the number of active players still remains high. According to the company, 65 million players were still logging into the game on a monthly basis.

The company also reported that they are cashing in on sponsored Pokestops.

“Niantic said that it charges anywhere from 15 to 50 cents for each visitor that the game draws to a sponsored location,” according to The Verge.

“There’s some uncertainty about the exact cost of a visit, but the figures imply that Niantic could be making millions of dollars off players.”

It could be interesting to see if the money being made is put forth in making improvements to the game.

The bottom line is, players want more from Pokemon Go and they want it soon. Hanke’s quarterly update promise to players has them more anxious for the next update than ever before.

Future of Pokemon Go

If Pokemon Go expects to retain players they need an update soon. This week marked a nest migration for Pokemon Go. When a migration happens, it is normally followed by a small or major update.

Players will be glued to their app update sections in their smartphones next week for Pokemon Go. If ever it seemed like there will be a major update to the game, it’s right now.

The future of Pokemon Go relies on these updates. de Fayet is correct in stating that player interaction is a must for the growth of the game. If that really is a priority for Niantic, it could very well be on its way.

Legendaries, PvP, a gym rework and gen 3 are the ingredients for bringing the game back to life this summer. Let’s see how long it takes before they knock one of these ingredients off of their list and really make this summer legendary.