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WhatsApp is reportedly planning to bring in its own Facebook Messenger stickers to the chat application.

The recent beta leaks show that the latest WhatsApp update will bring in stickers having the same design as those in Facebook Messenger. The initial reaction to the ‘new’ feature is not so good.

WhatsApp New Feature

Introducing Stickers

WhatsApp is on the verge of following the footsteps of its own Facebook Messenger App, by introducing stickers that are similarly designed. These stickers were first available for Android as well as iOS devices way back in the month of April in 2013. Facebook has then made several changes to these stickers after the format was initially introduced in 2013.

Screenshots of Stickers

WABetaInfo, a popular tipster, has published the latest shots of the recently released beta version. The leaked images reveal that the stickers released for the WhatsApp chat application have the same design as the ones used in the Facebook Messenger application.

The stickers are in the form of cartoon drawings and are much bigger and more detailed when compared to traditional emojis.


Facebook Stickers

Facebook has recently offered branded packs of stickers to the Facebook Messenger application. This includes packs related to Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 and also Simon’s Cat, which are now available in the Featured section. Line Messenger, a rival of Facebook Messenger, has been using such type of branded pack of stickers from a long time and they have generated a lot of revenue with these sticker packs. It was reported that Line had made around $10 million per month from the sales of such sticker packs, using the 230 million users it had at the time, about two years ago. Even Apple had these paid stickers for the iMessage application, after the launch of the iOS 10 in 2016.

Stickers Horrible?

However, it is not known whether WhatsApp will also do the same and make these sticker packs a featured one. However, the initial reactions to the release of the new stickers screen shot have not been very positive. In fact, users are criticizing Facebook for sharing the same designs between Facebook and WhatsApp. Initially, there was the feature of ‘Stories’ and now it is Stickers. One user in Twitter has also posted that they are ruining WhatsApp and that it sucks. Some others have tweeted that the new stickers are horrible.

Video Calling Feature

The news of the stickers on WhatsApp comes along with another news from WhatsApp, connected with its video calling features. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and has 1.2 billion active users on a monthly basis. These users are reportedly spending over 340 million minutes every day, making video calls to a staggering number of 55 million in a day. This is a great achievement, especially considering that the feature has been available on WhatsApp only for the past six months.

WhatsApp UK New Feature

The addition of the video calling feature has been hugely popular and has resulted in making the chat application more popular. In order to make the video calling feature more prominent, the latest update on the Android application makes the video call icon more prominent in the interface.