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Regular or casual, every soccer gamer knows it, football gaming is always between EA’s FIFA series and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer games, be it on consoles, PCs or mobile phones.

In quest for who reigns supreme on smartphones, Konami has PES 2017 Mobile rolling out for Android and iOS devices following end of soft launch that has been on the run since December.

Before digging deep into finer details, it is always a good practice to spell out the basics, or highlights for that matter. As already said the game is now available on Android and iOS. PES 2017 mobile is free-to-play, though with optional in-app acquisitions. Lastly, it is as close to its console cousin as far as it could get and is powered by the same engine as its bigger brother.

PES 2017


PES2017 is coming to mobile phones eight months after Konami released the game on consoles and only four months away from PES2018 launch. Looks pretty strange, right? However, it’s due to the prolonged beta phase that has been running since last year December.Konami, definitely, learnt from EA with its FIFA 17 launch. While the quality of FIFA 17 is debatable despite featuring Frostbite engine, there is no doubt over the shambolic FIFA Mobile iteration launched shortly afterwards – it was the worst spinoff to say the least.

As much as the mobile PES version featuring almost everything as the console adaptation, there got to be differences between consoles and mobilefor sure. But looking at the game you can tell from a glance how much Konami has tried to make it measure up.In fact, PES2017 is far much better than console PES first installment and were it not for smartphones power constraints, the game would be up there with PES 2017 for consoles in all aspects.

As always the PES Mobile does not drain your device to a point of heating up despite a massive 1.5GB download, which is quite pragmatic – definitely bringing full console experience would not require lesser capacity.But even with the hefty package, match-day commentary is not factored in for understandable and circumspect reasons. The commentary pack is available in multiple languages. For that reason,it doesn’t launch from the get-go but waits for you to make a choice then chips in with around 250MB download at some point along the way.

Much like any mobile soccer the game,the title starts off with tutorials on basic and advanced controls, though the latter is not displayed by default to speed up load time. There is a new well-thought control scheme coming on board that better suits mobile play-style which involves swiping the screen in multiple ways. The classic on-screen buttons is still available but the new arrival looks like the real deal.

Campaign Mode/myClub/Events

Konami’s answer to FIFA’s Seasons,Campaign mode, lets you play against computer-controlled outfits. The round goes for ten games and you need to gather enough points to be promoted to the next league. Then there is simulation mode for Campaign, think of it as FIFA Manager. You play the management role while the actual instrumentality is done by Artificial Intelligence.

There is also myClub, PES 2017’s version of FIFA Ultimate team, which lets you build a stronger team from a weak team of low-ranking players in the range of 60-70 in ratings.

The Events feature lets you compete in daily, weekly or monthly challenges and in line with real-time events like the upcoming champions League Final.

Unfortunately, there is no career mode.

PES 2017 Mobile

Multiplayer mode

Fans have been crying for multiplayer mode for ages now. Finally Konami has brought the feature to FIFA 2017 Mobile. Now you can engage your friends over WI-FI or cellular data.

Even though PES2017 Mobile promises an awesome gaming experience, there is a problem for experienced gamers: the game is far much easy.Certainly, there is need to make it more challenging for hardcore games.