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It is all square between Instagram and Snapchat as far as Stories search is concerned.

The rejuvenated media-sharing platform is now rolling out an update that enables users to browse Stories within the app barely two months since Snapchat sent out a similar feature. As it sounds Snapchat is the pioneer of Story and all that surrounds it– once again the social media platform was first to the innovative way of discovering Stories. The rest are now cloning.

Instagram Locations and Hashtags Stories

The idea here is to expand Instagram users’ watching experience beyond what their friends post. Basically, Instagram has built a posts-curating system that analyses and piles up Stories, under different locations stickers and hashtags, from posts shared by her users all over the world. The filtered Stories are then released into the wild for viewing by everyone on the app through the Explore tab when they search by specific locations or hashtags.

Instagram development lab has been a beehive of late. Just last week rumors were milling about possibility of Location Stories coming to the client. Believe it or not, barely a week passed before the rumors could materialize. Location Stories started showing in Explore two days ago. Then the next obvious follow up would be bringing Story Search, which rumor-mongers got right once again. Location Stories are now live in Search and Explore both on Android and iOS and Hashtag Stories is also loading somewhere in the air, release imminent in the coming few weeks.

Note that not all posts will be appearing in the associated stories but only those that their owners have marked with either location or hashtag stickers. However, Instagram has said that there is away out for those who have added locations or hashtags making their content available for the whole world to view. It is simple: go to your Stories view counter and hit X button.

As earlier stated, the development team behind the app has been working round the clock of late. Besides the Stories search feature, Instagram is also getting another decent feature in the shape of Archive that explicitly lets you delete posts temporarily pushing them to a hidden Archive section under your profile that is only viewable to you, with an option to restore at any time you deem suitable.

Difference with Snapchat Search

In Instagram model you add location stickers and hashtags for your Story to feature for search, but with Snapchat’s version you have to submit your Story to the application’s collection ‘Our Story’ for a chance in the search. Once submitted, an indexing algorithm will analyze different aspects of the post caption, stickers, lenses, emojis, meta data, geolocation and including use of machine vision before choosing the right index.

Instagram has the edge

The feature hinges on the number of users, the larger the number, the bigger the number of public Stories and that is where Instagram gets the edge over her mortal rival.The Facebook-owned service has 400 million daily active users against Snapchat’s 166 million users per day. Looking at the figures, on paper, Instagram should have fascinating shared Stories in galore.

Instagram Stories Hashtags Search

In regards to adding more coins, this could just be the trail to open windows for more functions. Instagram can be a hub for weather updates, a tour guide, a tool for checking real-time events in different locations, a place for news on topics of concern and much else besides that can be ported therein. With such features running, people will be spending more time on Stories while adding value to the app along the course. However, the company has denied any intention of bringing ads to Explore or Search.