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The world’s largest social media networking platform is looking to make online food ordering easier with a new tabon its mobile app and desktop site.

There is a new ‘Order Food’ option now appearing on the app’s main navigation on mobile and under the ‘Explore’ tab on desktop web version. However, not everyone is seeing the option as at now, seemingly the feature is still under tests with a few chosen users.

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Nevertheless, the ‘Order Food’ option helps you to find nearby online delivering eateries and place your order right from within the app, unlike previously where you had to visit your favorite restaurants’ Facebook Pages or websites to make orders for foodstuffs. Graphically you’ll spot the new option represented by a multicolored hamburger on desktop and a light-blue hamburger icon on mobile app.

Facebook has been partnering and Slicefor food online delivery within the platform and this brilliant idea is a product of that collaboration.Now, you get everything completed from within the service; order for takeaways, make payments until when you sign out.

Back last October Facebook announced collaboration with online brands, Slice and, an alliance that would enable Facebook users to place food orders from a list of integrated restaurants. But then, users had to visit the restaurants’ own Facebook Pages to make orders via a ‘Start Order’ button. Now, the feature is getting a decent expansion whereby users will be doing everything within Facebook.

You could be wondering the exact difference between these two buttons. Well, everything works almost the same,the biggest difference is that the ‘Start Order’ button is found on the cafes’ Facebook Pages while the new ‘Order Food’ button is tucked in right within the app’s main navigation. Click on the new button and a list of restaurants, of course only the supported ones, will pop up along with the eateries’ icons, the type of cookery offered, and star ratings. You will also see availability of either pickup or deliveryorders or both as you tab/click through.

Choose a restaurant by clicking on the featured photo and start ordering right away through ‘Start Order’ button or visit its Facebook Page or website and order from there.From there the ordering procedure remains the same.As you tap through the options, you can look through the restaurants’ food menu, add items, revise your order, select your preferred tip then pay up remotely within the app via or Slice.

A windowpops up immediately you make payments with a message that a confirmation for your order has also been sent to your email. You are also made aware when to expect the delivery or when your order is ready for pickup.

Hitches reported

There are a lot of hiccups with the feature being reported, most probably because the feature just started rolling. Some users have reported the option appearing and disappearing, for some a message appears telling them that there are no nearby delivery services and others the ‘Order Food’ options appears but doesn’t load quite well when tapped.

Facebook for Mobile

All the same, it’s a well-designed feature that will see Facebook users through ordering for food without leaving their Facebook main pages to search for individual Pages for food online delivery services. For Facebook, the quest to offer everything within its platform gets an important extension. The company wants to confine users within its boundaries by offering functionalities offered by other apps.  Facebook has been busy rolling out an array features over the past months and the platform is now bloated with features like discover people, instant games, city guides, and fundraisers along with tons of others.