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Telegram has created a room for itself in the mobile messaging arena thanks to the client’s unmatched security and privacy measures.

Today, the app’s developers have sent out an update taking the latest version to Telegram 4.0 and it is a major arrival with a plethora of new features alongside bug fixes here and there.

Instant View Platform

The changelog features integration of chatbot payments within the app, video messages with support for dedicated URLs called Telescopes and a fully launched Instant View. The current state of affairs dictates that every messaging app be inclusive, innovative and unique to maintain users and more importantly lure new ones.So far, Facebook’s WhatsApp has the nod and it’s used far and wide across the planet more so in India and continent Africa.

With these new additions the team behind Telegram hopes to bolster their efforts in closing in on the market leading player which now has an astounding 1.2 billion and more monthly active users as of February 2017.

Now the new additions to Telegram in details:

Chatbots Payments

Telegram embraced chatbots – clever third party apps that allow users to do business transactions from within chat messengers– almost two years ago. Now, the latest update to messaging platform enables payments for these botsinside Telegram. Currently, the company is working with Stripe to actualize payments but plans are underway to integrate localized means like RazorPay (India), FlutterWave (Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria),PaymentWall, Qiwi etc. and by so doing it can cement a stronger footing in other places like the Indian market, Russia, Africa and so on.They have also released a demo @ShopBot which you can try out.

Though the Western market is almost saturated with mobile messengers, it is only Telegram, apart from Facebook,that is taking mobile wallets– which is now very popular with similar apps in Asia – with the utmost seriousness.

Instant View Platform

Instant View Platform is a fast-loading optimized interface for seamless reading of websites from within Telegram – just like Facebook Instant Articles or Google AMP. Until now, the feature had been limited to a simple layout for links, but with this latest update it has been outstretched to allow a variety of brand new designs.

Users have been given a go-ahead to create their own templates to mimic what they would desire Instant View pages to be like with a possibility of earning $100 for every template. There is also a code-sourcingcontest going on with an ultimate prize of $10,000 for whoever will emerge the winner and $5,000 for the second-placed person.

Video Messages

Video messages, is another nifty feature coming with the new Telegram 4.0. This is a handy functionfor sending short video messages within conversations.

Video massages are coming to channels as well – channels is Telegram’s tool for broadcasting messages to large group of followers over one-way. For starters, channels is a feature that is mainly for celebrities to communicate with their followers. Now that you’ve known channels, it’s also good to know that with today’s update people using it can send video messages to their audience.


Then there is a new platform called Telescopes which are just but dedicated URLs for video messages shared via Telegram channels making them visible even outside the platform. As such, you can share channel videos on other platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and any other viable place.

The update is now live in the Google Play Store but incase of anything you can get the download file right here at APK Mirror.