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After several years of triviality Nintendo is finally treating smartphones, as gaming devices, with the necessary attention.

The Japanese company is reportedly partnering another Japan-based mobile games creator, DeNA, for smartphone’s version of runaway The Legend of Zelda.

Mobile gamers should be more than pleased to hear the coming of Nintendo’s 30-year old Legend of Zelda franchise. According to a report by Wall Street Journal,the popular franchise will be coming to both Android and iOS devices. The cite reports, in no uncertain terms, that indeed a game based on the acclaimed Legend of Zelda series is imminent, and probably will be released after the arrival of another console-turned-mobile game, Animal Crossing, coming in the second half of this year after being delayed in favor of developing an Android adaptation of Super Mario Run.

Legend of Zelda

In a statement related to smartphone games, Nintendo’s CEO Tatsumi Kimishima announced, last month, that his company is planning to launch two to three games for smartphones during the financial year closing March 2018. And with such an assurance it is more likely that Legend of Zelda will be making the list.

Nintendo has seen change of operation since the arrival of new president and is nowdeveloping titles for foreign gaming machines, unlike in the past regime where the gaming giant confined its games to in-house consoles.There are already three out-and-out Nintendo-made games built for smart devices,alongside others developed in collaboration with other creators. The company has already built Super Mario Run, Miitomo and Fire Emblem aside from partnering Niantic Labs for mobile sensation location-based augmented reality game,Pokémon Go.

The latest entry in the ancient The Legend of Zelda series Breath of the Wild has taken the gaming world by storm. The title, which is exclusive to Nintendo Switch and Wii U, has been selling outrageously since its release in March corresponding to near perfect Meta critic reviews standing at 97 out of 100.  And the company hopes to carry the series’ success along to mobile gaming world.

In 2015, Nintendo unexpectedly announced an alliance with DeNA for joint smartphone games development as well as IP to make games playable across many platforms including mobile phones, PCs and Nintendo consoles. The IP would be exclusive to the duo to reduce the number of games to foster production of few but robust titles.

The company, then, also announced that it will be develop gaming titles from scratch rather than porting from its consoles which it said compromises quality.

Payment Mode

As at now there is no confirmed payment method that the Japanese company will be using to get cash from the rumored smartphone’s Legend of Zelda. But then, looking at how Nintendo has treated its two smartphone games; Super Mario Run and Fire emblem Heroes, sheds some light on what to expect. The Kyoto-based Company used one-off payment for the runner and in-app purchases as a means of income for the RPG. As so it more likely that Nintendo will go either way.However, at the moment everything remain a rumor until confirmed.

Nintendo Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda Recall

For starters, Legend of Zelda is developed and published by Nintendo. The game’s extensive suite of elements covers action, puzzle solving and adventure titles. The protagonist is a playable character Link who has been charged with the responsibility of saving Prince Zelda and Hyrule world from the antagonist Ganon. You are required to explore, fight and defeat the monster and save the world .The franchise has been around since 1986 with all-time best-selling Breath of the Wild as the latest game.