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Facebook’s family of apps-Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger-has been a pain in the ass for Snapchat, stalling its user base growth down the line.

But the US based image messaging app is not dying any sooner. With is growth hindered Snap Inc., the app’s parent company, has resolved to another tactic: raising the time a user spends on the app thus increase in average income per user.

Snapchat Infinite Snaps


Snapchat may not have much influence in international markets but there is no doubt the client has some bargain at home albeit pressure from Facebook’s array of services,Instagram in particular, threatening to blow the rooftop.Nevertheless, the race for US market, without fear or favor, can be said to be uptight being that Instagram’s 80% of users reside outside the country. The Facebook’s app monthly active users stands at 200 million while Snapchat sees 158 million users using the service monthly, showing clearly Snapchat’s insecure future.

As so Snapchat had to do something urgently to stand a competing chance. And that is exactly what has been done. Snap Inc. has been rolling out new creative features to Snapchat since yesterday. The company has sent out three new cutting edge features to its messaging service, which include: Limitless Snap mode, a Magic Eraser along with revamped editing tools and a Loop tool.

On to what each specific features actually does, starting with Limitless Snap mode. This function keeps your snaps open and live until your recipient decides to exit.The name Limitless Snaps has be derived from the fact that there is no counter set in place and as such they will still remain open and viewable as long as the receiver keeps them open. However, it is good to know that they will delete on closing as usual.

For the Magic Eraser, this one is a tool for seamless image editing. One particular area this function is targeting is editing photo background which if not well taken care of can tarnish a photo that would otherwise been a posh affair.Alongside the new feature, the company has re-mastered the app’s editing suite which includes ability to draw with emojis thanks to Doodle tool. Therefore you need to get your hands on this update for cool photo backgrounds.

Snapchat Loop tool

And finally, the loop tool allows you to watch a Snapchat video a number of times on recap. Now, with this feature in place, you can set snaps such that they play either once or loops until your recipient decides to move over to the next snap.

This particular feature, Loop tool, sounds as returned favor. Facebook has been shamelessly uplifting Snapchat features for its services; WhatsApp, Instagram and even its main messaging service. As it seems the new Snapchat Loop tool is a clone to Instagram’s Boomerang feature. If you can remember, Instagram cloned Snapchat Stories and dubbed it Instagram Stories. Since then Snapchat has been on the decline as teens all over the globe get their storytelling urges satisfied by the former. The Facebook-owned social media platform has a cutting edge with it sleek design hindering new members fro signing in to Snapchat.

Change in design with new features

With these new inclusions expect some few UI tweaks here and there. Firstly, there is a new design for Editing. Now the buttons appear in vertical manner along the right top pane.Under the timer settings, appears the new Limitless Snap option right at the bottom of the list.

For the Magic Eraser, it is tucked under the scissor tool and appears as a gleaming round icon.

Snapchat Magic Eraser

You get to see the loop option as a circular arrow button, as you record snap videos, the icon pops up as the last option on the top right.

The latest update live and exclusive to iOS and Android (v10.8.0.0) Snapchat versions. Get the updated your version either from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Again for Android users you can get a download file over here. Besides, the rollout is staged as such, if you fail to spot the changes despite updating your app, hang on a little longer and check after sometime.

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